Monday, January 25, 2010

My Prayer

I was cleaning out my craft closet this weekend (and by cleaning I mean mainly shifting stuff around because I can't bear to get rid of anything) and I ran across something I thought I lost in one of our moves. I found it among some water color paintings I had stored in an old portfolio. I am so glad I found it. It is my creativity prayer.
I wrote it about ten years ago, when I was reading a wonderful book by Julia Cameron called The Artists Way. I'm sure you are familiar with it. I think everyone should read it regardless of whether or not they think they are creative.
Anyway, I felt inspired to write it when I realized that too many times, I stop myself from creating because of a little voice inside my head who whispers to me that whatever I make will never be as good as...fill in the blank.
I wanted to share it because I think we all have that negative little voice in our heads. It stops us from doing, from being, from sharing.
It's not a great piece of literature or even great grammar. I free wrote it quickly, from the heart. I post it over my workbench and silently recite it every time I begin something new. I can honestly say, it helps me.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I begin this work in your name.
I am profoundly grateful for my gifts
and dedicate them to thee.

I know that creativity
and my desire to create
come from thee.

I know that it is thy desire
that I use my gifts
to the best of my abilities
and that as I use them,
they will increase.

I know that thy gifts are given to one
for the benefit of all
and I ask thee to help me
use my creativity to benefit others.

Please open my mind and help me be brave.

Help me overcome my fear
and low opinion of my work so that
I may create freely.

Please help me see the possibilities.

Please lead me and
help me allow myself to be led.

Please help me to inspire others.

Please help me to know
it is not too late
and I am not too untalented
to do the things I desire.

Please help me to love
and encourage others
in their creative endeavors
and never to be threatened by them.

Help me to feel happy at their works
and not self-hatred.

I ask thee to open up this part of me

I encourage everyone to write their own creativity prayer and if you do, I hope you let me know how it helps you.
God is the great creator. Because we are made in his image, we are all creative as well. I know he desires for us to connect with that part of ourselves. He will help us do just that if we will ask and then use our gifts to bless others.