Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilting Bee Block

I finished my first quilting bee block. This is Katie's month and she asked for blocks relating to trees using paper piecing as the method.
Let me just go on the record and say I found paper piecing to be hard. This surprised me because I have repeatedly heard how easy and fun it is. Not so for me! I admit that I shed more than a few tears while giving my seam ripper a good workout. In fact, I almost quit the group when I came to the conclusion that I was the most inept quilter on the entire planet.
Then I remembered my purpose in joining was to expand my skills and that will never happen if I quit over the first difficult task. So I determined I would get it right no matter how long I had to work at it. And, 4 1/2 hours later...

here it is. I am very proud of it. I did make a couple of mistakes but in the end, I don't think they are noticeable. I hope Katie likes it.
She asked us to do a second block if we had time. While I was struggling through my first block I swore I would only make one and then be done with it. However, completing the first block gave me confidence that I could make a second one as well. Plus, I got inspired by a beautiful block I saw on flickr. I had some one inch grid paper so I decided to use it to paper piece a tree top similar to the one in the flickr photo.

It worked like a charm and I love the results. I haven't finished the block yet because I am trying to come up with a nice design for my trunk. I only want to use the original block as inspiration, I don't want to plagiarize it. I will post the entire block when I am finished.
Now that it is over, I am glad that I stuck it out. I learned a new technique and definitely had to stretch myself. Thanks, Katie!