Monday, January 11, 2010

This year I will.....

Here is my newest project. I am very pleased with it. It is my first effort at improvisation, which means that I had no pattern. I haven't quite finished the quilting yet. When I do I will post a photo of the entire quilt.

Learning to do improvisational quilting was one of my 2009 New Year's resolutions. Are you a resolution maker? I will own to it. I am.
It seems that resolution making is no longer in fashion. I hear many people making the same comment, "Why should I set myself up for disappointment?" Wow.
I guess, in a sad way, it makes sense. If we never try to achieve a goal, we definitely won't fail. However, we also won't succeed at anything and isn't that a form of failure?

Anyway, I also make a habit of recording all my resolutions. I have much better success at accomplishing my goals when I write them down. So here goes.

This year will include:

Continuing the path to get my degree. This is my newest subject. My first class is tonight. I'm nervous!
There will also be more:

as I continue to get back in shape. 13 pounds and counting!
I will also be completing:

with the Young Women's group I work with at church. Personal Progress is such a wonderful program to help young women learn to reach for more than what the world defines women as.
I am also very excited about:

the new online quilting bee I recently joined with 11 other women from all over the country, none of whom I know. Each month one of us is in charge of choosing the fabric and the block design which we then send to all of the other women in the group. Each women sews her own interpretation of the block and sends it back to the queen for that month. By the end of the year each women has honed her quilting skills, made 11 new friends and enough blocks for one awesome new quilt to keep.
This is fabric I just received for my first block. I can't wait to get started.

Okay, those are the tangibles. However, there are some resolutions I can't show with a photo but want to record as well.
This year I will...
  • Worry less and love more
  • Believe Christ, not just believe in him
  • Step away from what holds me back no matter who or what it is
  • Lift up the hands that hang down
  • Be exacting but not a perfectionist
  • Celebrate more of the small moments
  • Eat on the patio
  • Spend more time at the beach
You are my witnesses.
I would love to hear what you will be working on this year. Just post it in the comments.