Tuesday, March 23, 2010


First, I realized that I never posted a shot of the back of my last quilt and since I think backs are just as important as fronts, here it is...

It's a little hard to see, but I even added my signature.

Oh, how I love my Bernina and all of it's wonderful features!
Thanks for all the positive feedback on my quilt. It seems the vote is that I should keep it.

Second, I got a few comments and questions about my definition of quilt worthy and what I meant when I said people had to respect the process and just "get it". What exactly are they supposed to get? Well, I guess what they are supposed to get is that the gift isn't really the quilt. In fact, you could say that the quilt is just my chosen delivery system. The gift is really me, or rather a little piece of me. It is as simple as that. The time & effort (i.e.-my process) it takes me to complete a quilt are really an investment of myself that I am giving to that person to show my love or friendship for them. If you are a Princess Bride fan, it is my, "As you wish."

Third, next month is my month in my quilting bee. So, last week I got all my fabric cut and ready to be sent out to the other quilters.

Here they all are ready to be packaged and mailed.

I love the colors. The theme for my blocks is "Opposites" I am going to ask them to make blocks that incorporate a busy, pieced section and a quiet, un-pieced section. The only condition I am going to put on them is that I want the Starling fabric (white background with birdies) to be the focus fabric for the quiet section. Other than that, they can do their own thing. I am so excited to see what they come up with. I will be sure and post them when they come in