Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Makin' love out of nothing

Okay, I probably just horribly dated myself with that cheesy title, but it was the song running through my head as I worked on the projects I am going to show you.  In a weird way, the song fits.  I made these quilt tops solely from scraps and material I had on hand. Nothing special was purchased.  Since my quilts are a little symbol of my love, I guess you could say I made love out of nothing.  Okay, even I am cringing at the corniness.

I have been working on the blocks for this one for quite a while.  I finally got them all completed and put together.  This is my second completely improvised quilt.

I think I am going to call it, "The Reason."  It should be pretty obvious why.
I am giving some serious thought as to how to quilt it.  I am thinking some type of straight line pattern but then again, a simple stipple might work as well.  I don't know, I will have to mull it over for a while.

I showed these blocks in my entry last week.  I think they came together very nicely in this crib size quilt.

I think I will call this one "Scrap Shots." I know exactly how I am going to quilt this one.  My friend Kathy just showed me this cute quilt she did where she quilted a large flower in each of her blocks and then sewed a button in the center of each.  Then she embroidered around the stitching of each flower.  I loved it and I think it will look great on this quilt.  My niece is having a baby soon and if she has a girl, I think this will be for her.

I just love that I used scraps for two entire quilts.  It made a nice little dent in my ever expanding stash.

Here are the fabrics for my next project.  My Dad has been battling cancer and is about to go into the hospital again.  This time for three weeks. Since I can't be with him the whole time I want him to have a little something to show that my heart is with him.  I  also thought it would be nice for him to have his own quilt to brighten up his room.  You know how impersonal and lonely it can feel when you are stuck in the hospital.

And, last but certainly not least...lookie, lookie, what came in the mail yesterday!  I love them so much I almost swooned when I opened the package.  I just love me some Hope Valley.  I now have some of every fabric.

The math fabric isn't from Hope Valley.  It is from American Vintage.  It comes in red and natural as well.  I love it so much, I may just have to get some in every color. 

So much for that dent in my stash!