Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I know, I know, I have totally dropped the blogging ball, but what can I say?  The forces of the universe have combined to make this one of the most insane periods of my life! 
The day after my father passed away, we received notice from our landlords that we would have to vacate the house we are renting by the end of the month because they decided to short sell the home in which they are living and move into ours.  Lovely! 
So, ever since we returned from Utah we have been on a dead run finding a new home and furiously packing our entire lives up.  In the middle of all that, my kids came out on a long planned vacation, so we spent last week going to Disneyland and Magic Mountain, playing tons of games and generally living it up because we NEVER get to spend enough time together. I was completely exhausted when they left but it was worth every minute!
Anyway, I am now living amid clutter and chaos.  I feel like the Grinch, only I am packing up my own Who-house..."and she up packed her boxes. The ribbons! The wrapping!  The fabric and quilting! The trimmings and trappings!" 
We will be moving tonight and tomorrow.  After that, I am hopeful that then I can go back to my lovely Whoville life for a while.
I am really bummed I don't have time to blog because I have such fun things to share!  There is the new doll quilt swap group I joined and the inside out quilt I am making.  There are fun photos from Disneyland and, well there is just too much to list here.  It will just have to wait.
In the meantime, here something for all of us who might be feeling a bit Grinchy and overwhelmed...

 When the forces of the universe combine to make you crazy, remember, nothing you do goes unnoticed or unappreciated. When you think you think no one sees, He does.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another blog spotting

Today I am honored because the uber-talented John Adams, the author of the tutorial I used to make my iPad sleeve, has featured my work on his creative and inspiring blog: Quilt Dad.  Pop over and check it out.  My contribution is near the bottom of his latest post.  Very exciting, indeed...at least for me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Requiem in fabric

 This is the quilt I thought I would have more time to make.  When I selected the fabric, everything was looking up.  Dad was finishing his cancer treatments and the feedback from the doctors was very positive.  I am still in shock that 2 months later he is no longer with us. I wish now I hadn't let life get in the way.  I regret that I did not make time to sit down and get it made for him.  Now, it can only be my requiem for a man I will miss for the rest of my life. 
While I was home with my mother she expressed a desire that I still make the quilt so, as soon as I got home I set to work.  The blocks came together easily enough but the bottom piece gave me a bit of trouble.
I first tried these colored squares and while all the colors matched, it just didn't seem to go. I left it on the design wall for a couple of days thinking that I just needed to get used to it, but each time I saw it, I hated it more.  Finally I got out the seam ripper.
Once I put the dark brown piece on, the quilt came together.  I added a bit of rick-rac as a feminine touch for Mom since she is the person who will now use the quilt.
The checkered piece found a home on the back where I like it much better. 
I have been reading a lot of posts about the importance of labeling and signing quilts so I whipped this baby up to fill the bill.  Quilty-poo is what Matt and I call our own personal quilts and mother loved it, so now she has her own. 
And, while I do love the idea of my own handwritten label, I think I am going to have a graphic artist friend design a real label that I will have printed at Spoonflower.
Here is a little project I finished just before we left for Utah.  It is a cozy for my beloved iPad.  I followed this tutorial. It was quick, easy and I love the results.  Just be aware that since my iPad has a case, I made the cozy bigger than the measurements in the tutorial.  It fits beautifully and it matches my quilty-poo.
Last but certainly not least is this beautiful fabric I received in the mail yesterday.  (Please pardon the unsightly brown thread I failed to notice in the center of the chair fabric.  Serves me right for taking and editing photos without my glasses on!)
This fabric is called Tufted Tweets by Laurie Wisbrun and I have coveted it ever since I first found her sight on Etsy.  Unfortunately, the fabric was a tad too expensive for my budget, so I just admired it from afar.  Since then, Michael Miller scooped her up and her designs just barely came out this month.  I bought a yard each and plan to buy some in each colorway.  Most of the top online fabric sights now carry it.  I bought mine from Harthorne Threads, but I know Fabricworm carries it as well.  I love this fabric so much, I almost can't see myself cutting into it...almost.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


 I know I said I was taking a break to grieve and I still am, but I had to share a bit of exciting news.  I am participating in a quilt along on the Block Party Blog. Imagine my surprise when as I was checking out the site to see if they had put up instructions for a new block, I saw a larger than life photo of a block I submitted to their flickr site.  Seeing it there gave me a little something to smile about.
Check it out here if you want.  Mine is the one with the lil' chairs.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bye, Dad

Nothing can ever prepare you to terminate life support for someone you love. There are no words to explain what it is like to sit by someone's bed until they breathe their last breath or why suddenly, laughing or eating fill you with remorse and cause you to cry. We are all still reeling from my father's brain hemorrhage and sudden passing.
We lived far from each other and I didn't get to see him as often as I would have liked.  But we talked on the phone at least once a week and there was comfort in knowing he was out there underneath the same sky.  Now that he is gone,  I miss him so much.
I am taking a short break. I hope you all understand. I will be back next week.