Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two little monkeys baking with Aunt T...

I'm a bit behind on the blogging front but living life trumps blogging about living life any day, and I have been busy with some very special visitors.
These little darlings were with me for four wonderful, Mystery-Date-playing, Disneyland-going, swimming-pool-splashing days and boy, did we have fun!
The day before they left, during one of our many gab sessions, the topic of cookie baking came up and lo and behold, it came out they had never actually baked cookies from scratch before.  What?!!  Isn't cookie baking a rite of passage for every little girl?  Well, it is in my world, and sorry Pillsbury but, buying a bag of quick frozen, preservative laden, cookie dough globs and plopping them on a cookie sheet , isn't really the same rich experience as gathering all the ingredients, measuring them out, mixing them all up (with copious amounts of spilling, giggling and finger/spatula licking thrown in), and watching them turn into delicious dough that you made yourself.  Then, once the cookies come out of the oven, proudly witnessing the golden brown results of your own creative labors .
Well, what are Aunts for if not to help busy, working moms who may not have time to bake from scratch.  Soooo...

Here they are all aproned up and ready to go.  Joe wanted in on the action, so the girls found an apron for him as well.

The girls were excellent at taking turns and working together. 
Look at all that creamy, irresistible deliciousness.
Who can blame them stealing a few pre-baked tastes?

Who ever came up with using the ice cream scoop to measure out cookies is a genius, I tell you, genius!

Perfect, uniform, golden brown and crunchewy.  Real, from scratch cookies anyone would be proud of.
Take that, Dough-boy!