Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Picky, Picky, Picky

Remember how happy I was last week to be making progress on my quilt for Kyle?  Well, what a difference a week makes.  The more I quilted, the more I hated the design I had decided on.  That's what I get for trying something new on an important project without auditioning it on a practice piece first.  The worst part is, I had gotten about 2/3 of the way through before I decided it just wasn't working.
My husband assured me that, as a guy, Kyle will not really care about the quilting but that really isn't the point.  I just can not, in all good conscience, give a gift that I don't think is top quality.
So anyway, I have been spending my evening picking out all my stitching.  TORTURE! Ugh!
To keep myself from going completely insane, I took a break and sewed the current block for my bee.  It was fast and very therapeutic.  I loved the fabrics Debbie picked out.  I have some of this fabric in my stash.  I am definitely going to get it out and start using it.
And by way of correction, last week it showed a photo of what I said was our next Christmas gingerbread project.  Well, after I posted it I realized I made a mistake.  Kade and I were deciding between the tugboat and something else and I forgot we had actually decided to go with the other project.

Here is what we actually decided on.  Believe it or not, we chose it because it was more complicated and would take more time than the tugboat.  We wanted it to take the whole day.  After looking at it again, I'm starting to think we will be lucky to finish in one day.  Wish us luck!