Friday, December 24, 2010

Semi-Famous 2

I had an amazing and eye opening experience the other day.  I was walking across campus to a meeting, when a very sweet woman whom I did not know approached me.  She said she was a regular reader and that she loved my blog.  We ended up having a lovely conversation during which I invited her to come to a lunch-time quilting bee that two co-workers and I hold about once a month.  It was a very fun, unexpected encounter which ended up creating a connection with someone I probably would never have had the priviledge to know had it not been for this blog.  Thank you Yasi, for being brave enough to stop me.  I'm really glad to know you!
You know, until Yasi introduced herself, I believed my little band of twenty followers, most of whom are family and friends, were the only ones who checked out my corner of the blogosphere.  I assumed that anyone who was a regular reader would sign up to be a follower and make a comment now and then. Of course, I don't know why I thought that since I am a regular reader of several blogs to which I don't follow or make comments.
I call it lurking and now that I think about it, I wonder why I do it.  Truthfully, I do it because I am intimidated and just plain shy.  I think it is hard to just jump on to the blog of someone I don't know and start commenting.   I mean it isn't really something I do in the real world.  For instance, I would never just jump into a conversation I overheard while sitting next to two people in a restaurant or on an airplane. 
But, blogging and social networking encourages us to do just that.
So here is what I propose.  When I get back from my holiday vacation, I am going to host a give-away!  YAY!
Here are the rules. If you read my blog, but haven't yet signed up to be a follower, sign up to follow me.  Then, leave a comment to let me know that you did and why you haven't before. I mean, are you a bit shy like me or just too busy? If you have already signed up, get someone else to sign up and leave a comment giving you credit.  They will then be entered and you will be too. 
DON'T SIGN UP YET.  Several people have said they have problems leaving comments on my blog.  I need to research what the problem is and get it fixed.  Also,. I don't yet have what I am going to give away.  Next week, while I am in Salt Lake, I am going to go to my favorite quilt shop, Pine Needles and pick up a fat quarter bundle for the give away.  When I have everything ready, I will post a photo of the bundle and then, let the sign up's begin!
Until then, I ho-ho-hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.