Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still here

I know it may seem like it, but I have not abandoned my blog. I have just had a huge family drama to deal with since I got back from our Thanksgiving trip. 
As we drove back from Utah, I received a call that my beloved Aunt had collapsed and was in the hospital. She ended up being there for a week. After that she suffered every elderly persons nightmare as she was transferred to "The Nursing Home From Hell". Don't even get me started!  The stories I could tell you would turn your hair white!  I am simply appalled that, here in America, this is how we treat our elderly.
I have spent the last two weeks working to get her released into home health care with full-time caretaker in her home and wow, it has been a trial by fire but, yesterday I was able to get her released and settle her back in her own home.  I am worried about whether it is the right move, but it is what she wanted. 
Yesterday, as I was driving her home, I voiced my concern that this might not be the best thing for her health. She took my hand and with tears in her eyes told me not to doubt myself.  She said,"Tacey,  if I die tomorrow, I will be forever grateful to you for getting me out of that place."  She is one of the most special people in my life.  I am praying every day that this will work for her.  I am asking my friends to do the same.
Of course, that isn't the only thing that has been going on.  Amid all the turmoil and stress, the Lord did bless me with some special moments...

First, may I introduce the newest little peanut to come into our family.  That's right, I'm going to be a Grandma!  My son, Damen and his wonderful, wife Christy are expecting their first child.  To say I am elated is the understatement of the year.
It will be the first grandchild on either side of the family.  My friend Jeff says this fact makes him/her "The Golden Grandchild" or "The Anointed One."  I can get behind that statement.  After all, I did spontaneously break out singing the Hallelujah Chorus when I heard the news.
We will find out the baby's sex sometime in January and as soon as that happens...let the quilting begin!
Speaking of baby quilts, my wonderful, niece Amy sent me some photos of her new son Jack wrapped in the quilt I made for him.

I thought the quilt was cute before but it looks so much better with baby Jack and his proud papa on top of it.  Congratulations Amy and Zack!  I know it was a long, hard battle to get him here, but he is worth it.
And, just because I want to, here is a little eye candy from my favorite Utah quilt shop, Pine Needles.
I love this little quilt made with raw edged squares sewn on white fabric.  As luck would have it, I happen to have a charm pack of "Charmed" fabric in my stash.  I'm thinking that if my little grand baby turns out to be a boy, this would be perfect for him. 
Look at the awesome quilting on this little number.  I have an unfinished, heart patchwork, quilt top hanging in my UFO closet.  I am thinking this quilting would look great on it. 
And last but not least, quilting inspiration can indeed be found everywhere.  Here is the front of the wine list from a local restaurant in Ogden.  I see another wonky quilt somewhere in my future...