Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My favorite blog

I read a lot of blogs, many...many (too many?)...blogs.
In fact, I have book marked so many blogs, I have category folders on my bookmarks bar for each different type.
I have one folder for quilting blogs, one for cooking blogs, and another for crafting blogs. I have a folders for news/information blogs as well as one for entertaining/lifestyle blogs. And, so I don't miss something, I have a folder for miscellaneous blogs.
With so many blogs dedicated to so many topics, you might think I would have a hard time pinpointing my favorite. Not so. There is one blog that is hands down my absolute favorite: Dirt Just Flies Up And Hits Me! 
This blog never fails me. It inspires, delights and just plain cracks me up with every post. She breaks my heart and makes me laugh, sometimes at the same time.  
The author, Ali Brinkerhoff, is witty, wry, and insightful. Take for example her post on how she would cook more if she could do it in an Easy Bake Oven: brilliant. Or, her post in January 2010 about her resolutions for the year: a scream. Then there is today's post on her fairly tale life: wonderful, just wonderful. She is a gifted writer whom, I personally think, should write a book. If she did, I would buy copies for everyone I know.
I have been privileged to know Ali since she was in college. Even back then, I loved her take on life and how she expressed it. She was as quirky and funny then as she is now. She was and still is one of my favorite people.  
So my friends, if you need to laugh, cry or if you just want a slightly off-kilter view of life; do yourself a favor and check out Dirt Just Flies Up And Hits Me!  You'll thank me.