Thursday, February 24, 2011


It is amazing how much you can get done in four days. That's how long my husband had to stay down after last Friday's shoulder surgery. So with him confined to the house and my needing stay around to help him (which I loved, by the way), I made the most of it. 
Remember me telling you that my quilting buddy, Kathy and her husband were coming over for a "scrapfest"?
Well, here is the result of that marathon session.
A wonky, little baby quilt for the next person I know who has a girl.
Once I started going through my scraps, I couldn't believe how many I had that seemed to naturally go together.  I love this soft, muted color palette.  This is my favorite square out of the twelve I ended up making.
And, look at this wonderful piece I found for the back!  Thanks to my new found organization, I am easily able to find something I can use from the fabric I already own.
Speaking of which....
I also finished the major re-org of my sewing room.  Isn't it amazing?!  Every piece of fabric I own is now neatly wrapped around a "mini-bolt", (otherwise known as the common comic book board) and catagorized by color or theme.  The larger shelf unit hold those sorted by color.
One smaller shelf holds all those the fabric stored by theme.  Somehow, I seemed to have emassed a bit of Christmas and Halloween fabric.  (Not much of a shocker, there.)
Another smaller unit holds fabric pieces 3 yards and longer which I purchased for backs and such.  I went down to my local JoAnne's and they were nice enough to load me up with a bunch of empty bolts.

These bins, and a plastic storage unit in my closet (not pictured), are filled with fabrics that were too small or awkward to go around a bolt.  I also purchased jumbo size hefty bags to store scraps that are cut, sorted into color palettes and ready to be used when I am ready to put together more scrap quilts.
I found some fun containers for my pins, tape, ribbon, charms packs and such. 
I even busted out my little collection of thimbles.
All in all, I love my new space so much I almost never want to leave it!  I find myself drawn into it, even when I know I need to spend my time elsewhere.  And while this might not be the best thing for my own personal time management, Kade will indeed be very pleased with some of the results.

TA-DA!  All your quilt blocks are finished and ready to be sashed and sewn together.  I should be able to finish that part this weekend. Then all that is left isto make the quilt sandwich and quilt it all together. 
Kade, your Momma is smokin' on this little baby!  If I can keep up this pace, I will definitely have it done by the time you visit for Spring Break.