Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peaceable Things.

The older I get, the more I come to love and appreciate the serenity of normalcy.  I find that when I experience too much turmoil or change within a given period of time, I begin to lose my grip a bit. 
This week has been a good week, calm and normal but never boring.
Sunday, I went to visit my beloved Aunty.  She is one of the foundation stones of my life.  I try to visit her every 6 weeks or so. 
Because she really isn't well enough to go out and about, I usually bring a quilt to bind while we sit and chat the day away.  
I finished this quilt during the visit.  As I finished up, Matt asked me who I was going to give it to.  Hmmm, I didn't really have anyone in mind but I have a firm belief that quilts find their owners, so I knew that it would come to me.  Then I looked over at Aunt Twila and I new it was for her.  She kept refusing, saying it was too beautiful and she couldn't accept something I had worked on so hard. 
But, in the end I prevailed.  What can I say, she has always given me my way. 
Remember this little beauty from my last trip to Pine Needles?
This week I started to work on my interpretation. 
I love these colors!  I think this one is meant for our little peanut.
This week is my third week training solo.  I feel like I am doing pretty well but I miss Kyle.  When he trained me, I definitely didn't have to wonder if I had worked hard enough.  My mantra while I am working out is, "Push yourself like Kyle pushed you!  Don't give up! You got this!"
And finally, with all the cold and rain we have had lately, there is nothing like a big pot of my favorite Pumpkin Black Bean Soup to make me feel warm and content.  I know the ingredients sound odd but trust me, it is delicious; very spicy and hearty.  I found the recipe on the Closet Cooking blog and it, along with several others from this sumptuous site, have quickly become staples in my recipe repertoire. 
All in all a homey, peaceful, "normal" week.  What a blessing. 
On Monday, as I was dusting, I again noticed the print I have hanging on my family room wall.
I have followed that advice this week and it has made all the difference.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big Reveal

Well, here is the finished project.  I decided to go with organic, straight-line quilting with no guide.  I just let the lines waver a bit.  Then I did some across and diagonal lines just to balance it all out.  I bound it with a large polka dot fabric in exactly the right colors I found at JoAnne Fabric.
Overall, the quilt turned out very funky and masculine.  It was a big hit.  Matt loved it so much he wanted to keep it.  He ran a good campaign, but in the end, the quilt left with Kade. 
Just before the kids arrived, I took a day trip to Santa Barbara with my friends Rob and Kathy to shop at The Fabric Quarter.  They are a wonderful fabric shop that sells mostly on the internet and by appointment.  However, once every few months, they open the doors to their warehouse and have a huge sale.  They have great taste in the fabric they choose to sell.  If you are ever passing through Santa Barbara, give them a call and set up an appointment.  You will be glad you did.
At least half of the fabric was $5.00 a yard.  I mean how could I pass that up?!
Here is my haul after the first pass through.  Did I go back for more??  Does a bear you-know-what in the you-know where??
Notice how the pile has grown?  At least I am not as bad as Kathy.  That's her behind me.
That stack in the forefront is part (only part) of her haul.
Here are her three, count 'em, three stacks ready to be cut.
What can I say?
Fabric makes me happy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little giggle for you

I'm working my fingers to the bone getting Kade's quilt finished before he arrives tomorrow.  I only have three more sides to bind, then I'm done-a-mundo.  I can't wait to post pictures so you all can see it.  I'll probably have something posted by tomorrow evening or Thursday morning.
Until then, I thought you might enjoy a little jocularity [that was for you, Matt :-)]

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snapshots of Snapshot

I am moving right along getting Kade's quilt finished and I have really enjoyed the process.  The pattern has been easy to work with and the blocks have gone together like a dream.  When it came time to sew the blocks together, I have very little squaring up to do.
If I do say so myself, I LOVE IT!  It is colorful yet still masculine.
Here is the back.  I can't get too much of that ukulele fabric.
I finished quilting my "scrappy girl" quilt.
I used a cream/pink/taupe variegated thread.  I really like the texture and pattern it created.
I still haven't decided to whom I'm going to give this but seems like every married woman in my ward between the ages of 25 & 40 is expecting so I am sure I'll find a home for it soon.

P.S-The newest addition to my playlist is in honor of my Father.