Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quilting A.D.D.

I can never seem to do just one thing at a time. Seriously, I never read just one book at a time.  Currently, I am reading Atlas Shrugged, The Atonement and Lord of Misrule.
Also, I never just watch television.  I always do something else along with it. It might be planning the monthly menu, perusing a magazine or one of my current books, binding a quilt, or any one of a myriad of other tasks. It's so bad, my son Kade once accused me of listening to (as opposed to watching) T.V.  He's right.  I usually miss the important parts of every show because I am focusing on my other project. Then I drive everyone crazy asking, "What happened?!  What happened!?"
I think the kinder, gentler term for this behavior is "multi-tasking" but I tend to label it a.d.d.
I'm always telling people, I have (fill in the blank) a.d.d.  I hope that's not too politically incorrect.

Lately, my "quilting a.d.d." is in overdrive.  So much so, that I haven't had time to blog.
So, buckle up baby, this is going to be a looooooooooong post.
 TA DA! I finally put the final touches on Joe's car quilt.

He loves it so much, we had a hard time keeping him off for the pictures. 
Here he is giving me his version of the high 5 for a job well done.

Because I think it turned out so cool, I wanted to get some shots of the back.  However, getting Joe to clear out was a challenge. 
This is the best I could do. 
I love how this quilt turned out.  However, I did get bored with the seemingly endless pebble quilting. So, right in the middle of that project, I started working on a couple of others.
It all started when I saw this Flickr photo and remembered that I had a bunch of these strips left over from a previous quilt

Pretty soon, I had pieced six, lovely blocks.
I only made one big boo-boo.  I didn't quite have enough of the border fabric and ended up having to piece the last block.  I'm not too upset about it, though.  Once it is quilted no one will even notice.
With the blocks made, I got out my design journal and got to work.  This is what I came up with...
...and, this is how it turned out.  I think it looks like door panels, so that is what I named it.
For months now, I have had this bag of scraps sitting on a shelf waiting. I finally pulled it out and came up with this wonky log cabin block.  I like it, but I'm not crazy about it.  In fact, now that I see it, I'm thinking I want to do wonky stars instead. I think it will make a nice "boy" quilt.

My nephew and his wife are due to have their third child next month, so I began work on a baby quilt for them.  A while back, I found the pattern at the Moda Bake Shop site and I've been dying for an excuse to make it. 
It is a pretty straightforward, easy pattern, except for the applique.  I haven't done much machine applique so it is slow going.  But, if you don't look too awfully close, it's not turning out half bad. 

Using published patterns is something I do regularly.  However, I really want to improve my own design skills. So, while I have been working on all these other projects, I have also been working on a couple of ideas.
My inspiration came via a couple of magazine photos I clipped.
I spotted this pretty, little rug in an old Pottery Barn Kids catalog.
Here's my re-do.  I think it will make a sleek, modern baby girl quilt.
The October 2010 Living magazine had a spread on creative floor tiling.  This one gave me the inspiration for my next Halloween quilt.  I'm thinking of grey, lime green and purple.
Well, that's what I've been up to lately.  Now, I'm off to read one of my books and listen to the television.