Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I got the low down, no where, freeze dried, fat fried repair shop ba-loooes!

There's not much quilting going on here lately. My beloved Bernina is in the shop for a tune up and a minor repair. And, since the local dealer is retiring and forever closing his doors, everyone in town has their machine in for a tune up. The turn around time is going to be three to four weeks. Arrgh!
My quilting has come to an abrupt halt and I am definitely suffering some separation anxiety!

To ease the pain, I pulled out my old Kenmore, but it's a bit like going back to a horse and buggy when you have been speeding along in a sleek, red Ferrari.
Don't you just love the stylish piece of painters tape I use as a 1/4 " seam allowance guide?
And, what about that state of the art control panel? Wow.
Actually I feel a little guilty poking fun at my trusty, old machine.  I bought it years ago, to sew these costumes for my little tikes.
Well, these are my "tikes" today and that Kenmore is still going strong.  I have never, no never, taken it in for a service or repair.  I have never oiled it.  In fact, until I got the Bernina, I didn't even know you were supposed to regularly oil your machine.
I have carted that Kenmore from Utah to Texas, across the Pacific to the humid, dusty island of Maui for three years, and then back across that same ocean in the hold of a damp cargo ship, when we moved back to the mainland. Through it all that baby is still going strong.  I guess you could say I have gotten my $350.00 worth out of it.  Don't you think?

While I can't do any quilting and my nephew's new son is going to have to wait a bit for his quilt, at least I can sew quilt tops and some other crafty projects I have been wanting to work on.

 I made these to help entertain my friend Emily's daughter during church.
They are the cutest finger puppets with a fun little carry case.

Aren't they awesome?  They were not at all hard to make. It took me less than an afternoon to complete the entire project from start to finish.

This fashionable piggy is by far my favorite.  I mean who can resist that kicky, little skirt?  A definite must have for this spring seaon.
I used this pattern ordered from Pink Chalk Fabric. If you are looking for a quiet, low-tech toy to spark the imagination, this is great.  They were a huge hit.  Little Naomi was enthralled.
And sew, I mean so, I leave you with this, just because I found it when I was looking for the old picture of the Halloween costumes and it is my favorite photo of all time.
Love. These. Boys.