Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Shabby Nest is one of my new favorite blogs and while checking it out yesterday, I came across this great entry.  It captured my fancy because lately, I have really been trying to pay attention to the world around me as a source for quilting inspiration.
So now, occasionally in my blog I'm going to play my own version of that post and call it:
If This (fill in the blank) Were A Quilt

I'm sure Matt (and everyone else who saw me) thought I was crazy when, during our last drive back from Utah, I jumped out of the car during one of our gas stops, to take umpteen pictures of this weathered, old bowling alley sign.  But, I was absolutely inspired by the colors and the retro look of the diamonds.  
I couldn't wait to get home to interpret what I saw into a quilt.
So here is my version...

First, I shopped my stash and found these little lovelies.

Which I then turned into these flying geese.

Which I pieced together into these Dutchman's Puzzle Blocks.

Which came together like a dream into this baby quilt.
I think I captured the diamond shapes of the sign letters with the pinwheel triangles.  

And, the whimsical colors make it perfect for a baby girl, without making it too cutsie.
 As soon as I get it quilted, there is a certain little sweetie, who shall remain nameless (no literally, after three weeks, her parents have yet to pick out a name for her), who will be getting this. 
Welcome to the world, Baby Girl Garrett.

Along with the baby quilt, I've been working furiously on my wall hanging. 

I practiced more pebble quilting on the background and did straight stitching to mimic thread, on the spools.

Around the triangles, I stitched in the ditch.  

 The quilting really shines through on the back.  I love how textured it is.

Now, I just need to finish the binding and it is ready to go. 

And lastly,
Remember these?

As promised, here are the pictures of my sister and me in the costumes Aunt Twila sewed us from those patterns.  
Yes, that is chubby-cheeked, little me in the red lion suit.  I guess you can see why the kids in elementary school used to call me Chipmunk.  I guess as nicknames go, it could have been worse.

When I saw these pictures again, I was filled with a rush of love and warmth for a woman who was a huge influence to me throughout my life.  She was a skilled homemaker and believed it was an art. When she was younger, she cooked, knitted, sewed and made decorations for her home.
She encouraged me in those same pursuits, as well.  
I believe she is one of the reasons I love homemaking so much.
Now that I think about it, I guess I've never really had to look too far for inspiration.