Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have heard it said that a good blogger never blogs about the same thing twice.  Well then, I guess I'm just not a very good blogger because I'm about to break that rule in a big way.

I mean, how can I not blog about this little guy!  Just seeing these pictures, taken while I was in Utah visiting, makes my heart fill up.  I feel so much love I just cannot contain it, so I'm sharing with you, my  friends and family, because I know you will understand.

I had a wonderful time in Utah with my mom and Kade (son #2).  We had so much fun redecorating Kade's apartment, talking, eating out, talking, shopping, more talking, going to the movies (btw, if you haven't yet seen The Help, go.  Go NOW.  RUN!  It is the best movie I have seen in years...sorry Harry), even more talking, and just hanging out in general.

I've said it before and it will always be true, I never laugh more than when mom and I are together. Everything from breaking down in Kade's car, getting stuck in Sardine Canyon and having to wait two hours for the tow truck, to trying to kill the giant spider racing across the living room floor was absolutely, hysterically funny.  I'm giggling just thinking about it.  Man, good times.

The trip was made even better when Damen and Christy came and spent a couple of days.  I could NOT get enough Mason time.  In fact, I think about the only time I relinquished hold of him was during feeding time.

  Look at that little face!  He seems to have discovered his tongue.

He has officially started smiling and cooing.  You can't hear it, but in this picture he was just cooing up a storm. I don't know what, but he was trying hard to tell me something.  I like to believe it was, "I love you, Gramma."

Kade is quite excited about being an uncle.  Here he is helping Mason learn to dance.  I mean, even a little guy has got to be able to dazzle the ladies with some smooth moves and good Uncles are always ready to show 'em the ropes!

Being with my family is always a little piece of heaven.
I've also heard it said that we all have to find our bliss.  Well, you're looking at mine.  Thanks for letting me share it with you.