Saturday, November 5, 2011

The big five-oh

This week, I turned 50.  I've never had a problem with milestone birthdays. I didn't bat an eye when I turned thirty or forty.  But, turning fifty has made me stop and think a bit.  If I am true to the life spans of both sides of my family, I am over half way through my life.  Wow, it really makes me want to make the most of every day.  Carpe diem, an all.
So, I wanted to mark the occasion with something special. What better than a trip back to Maui?

I'm here for the week, basking in the sun and warming my toes in the sand. 

I marked the actual day with something totally out of character for me.  I took a motorcycle ride into Lahaina.  I'm not a huge fan of motorcycles, but there is something about turning fifty that brought out the daredevil in me.  
The day was also filled with a wonderful reflexology massage and pedicure at the Pedi Care Center and then delicious sushi at Sansei.  But of all the gifts and indulgences I received that day this one was the best...

Nothing can top a little bit of Mason.
Next week it's back to real life.  I'll have more quilting photos to post.  Until then, aloha!