Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hello, Goodbye

When we decided to accept the job offer from USU, 5 weeks seemed such a long time to have to wait before we could be closer to our family.  But before I knew it, it was time to go.
So we packed up this guy...

Turned on the Christmas tunes...

Said good-bye to this...

and hello to this.
As happy as I am about this change, it's hard to say goodbye.

Goodbye beach and ocean.  I will dearly miss living on the coast.

Goodbye summer concerts in the park and seeing my favorite singer, Steve Tyrell, every year.

Goodbye touristy trips to L.A. Goodbye Pink's, Santa Monica Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, Griffith Observatory and Hollywood sign.  (See the tiny sign in the background?)

Goodbye hiking in the local foothills.  

Goodbye Camarillo Farmers Market and our weekly vegetable box from Underwood Family Farms.

Goodbye Swirl Yogurt Bar.  Even though we eat clean most of the time, we will miss occasionally sneaking a treat.

Goodbye to our beloved Disneyland.  We have had soooooo much fun running around the park and acting like kids.

Our whole family will miss you!

And finally, good bye to the dear, dear friends in my little quilt group.  As Dorothy said to Scarecrow, I believe I will miss you most of all.  
We have had a good life in California filled with fun and friends.  If I let myself, I can feel very blue about leaving.  But not that long ago, I read an article filled with wisdom that has helped me look forward with anticipation instead of backwards in sadness. The title is one I have often repeated to myself during these last hectic, nerve-wracked, semi-sad weeks...

Click for a dose of inspiration

I hope you enjoyed a happy Christmas. and I wish you joy during the rest of your holiday season.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter

I've been back from Utah for 3 weeks now, but so much has been going on I have totally neglected my blog.  What's more, It doesn't look like it's going to calm down for at least another month.
All I can say is, you know how sometimes you think you're going down one path and then suddenly life takes you down a totally different road?  Well, that is what has happened, in a very happy way to Matt and I.  Long story short: we are moving to Logan, Utah after the first of the year.
Since I've already written all about it in my Christmas letter, I thought I would just post a link to it here for those who might be interested in hearing more about it.  

As for quilting, there's not much of that going on right now.  In fact, the sewing room is pretty buttoned up right now.  My fabric and machines are all wrapped in bubble wrap, waiting for the packers to come.  That is the nice thing about this move, Matt's new company is paying a full relocation package so we get to have movers take care of everything.  Yay!

I'm very much looking forward to Christmas.  We are spending it in Logan with my Mom and the kids. The best thing is that this year, we won't have to try to cram everything into a few days.  We can relax and enjoy knowing that soon we will be closer and able to be together as much as we want.

I feel truly blessed.  I can't even put into words how much I have missed living close to my family.  I have loved all the different places Matt and I have gotten to experience over the last few years, but I have ached over being to distant from my loved ones.  I thank Heavenly Father for this answer to my prayers.  

On another note, is anyone else as stoked about this as I am??? I am so there!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Greetings from Utah

We're in Utah for the next two weeks for the wedding with lots to do in preparation.  I'm sure I won't have too much time to post from here on out, but I did want to show you what I managed to get completed before I left.
I finished all the blocks for my Swoon quilt.  I'm thrilled with how it is all coming together.

Each block is wonderful alone but when they come together...

the results are spectacular.  I could not be more pleased.  I definitely have something to look forward to once I get home and I'm pretty sure I'll need something to cheer me up a bit.  As happy as I am about this wedding, I am inexplicably blue.  I think the idea of my baby being old enough to get married has got me down just a bit.  I'm sure it will pass.  Kade is marrying a wonderful girl.

I also finished this mini quilt.  Unfortunately, I have another friend who is going through treatment for cancer and I wanted to let her know she was in my thoughts.

I bordered it with a lovely floral from Denyse Schmidt and quilted it with a spiral pattern I have been practicing lately.  It made me happy to give this quilt.  I can only hope it gives my friend some measure of comfort.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Keeping myself busy

I've had a ton of creative energy lately.  I think it comes from being the mother of the groom.  It's hard to have such a minimal role in such a big event in the life of my son.  I've been able to help a bit.  I've got the Groom's Dinner planned.  Groom's dinner is what I'm calling the dinner we are hosting the night before the wedding.  Traditionally it's called the rehearsal dinner, but since there is nothing to rehearse for a temple wedding, I find it ridiculous to call it that.
Anyway, whatever we call it.  It's planned and I am happy with it.  But I find I still need to do something to honor the occasion.  So of course, I went to my trusty fabric stash and began to pull fabric for a new quilt.
Yellow, orange, gray and brown are the colors Kade and Minda have chosen for their wedding. So, to honor them I pulled together some of my very best fabrics in those colors.  I fell in love with
this pattern the moment I saw it. I felt it would look wonderful in my chosen colors.

Here are my first two blocks.  Swoon is the perfect name for this pattern because that is what I do over each finished block.  I. Love. them!  I love the how patterns and colors work together.  The blocks are modern, structured, casual yet elegant.  The exact adjectives for the wedding I would design for Kade, if I had any say in the matter whatsoever.  Kade wanted a J. Crew wedding.  These are the J. Crew of quilt blocks.
At 24" x24", the blocks are massive.  Each one takes me about an hour to put together.  However, the stunning results are well worth the effort.
I haven't had a lot of time lately, and it's killing me that I can only finish about one block a day. I can't wait to get the other seven blocks together.  I know they will look just as fabulous.  Once it's all put together, I know this quilt will be a fitting way for me to mark this occasion.
I'll be sure and post more blocks as I get them put together.

Of course, if you know me at all by now, you know I never work on just one project at a time.  Here is a baby quilt I am finishing up for no one in particular.  I made it from a charm packet (5x5 squares from an entire fabric line) I have had hanging around for some time.  The fabric is Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hooey.  It's an older print but I think you can still get on line.

Here are two of my favorite squares.  Don't you just love the 'lil doggy.  The only thing that could make him more cute is if he was a boxer.

I also recently saw this little beauty on Pinterest.  It caught my eye because I inherited a bunch of vintage sewing supplies from Aunt Twila after she passed.  Among them was a box of old thread on wooden spools.  I didn't want to get rid of them, but I didn't really know what to do with them all.  For the last year, they have been sitting in an old jar on shelf in my sewing room.  When I saw this, I knew.

Here is my version.  Isn't it cool?

A perfect addition to my sewing room wall.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greetings from Maryland

I'm hanging out in The Old Line/Oyster state for a week with my hubby, but I didn't want to wait until I got home to post this beauty.

I finished quilting Kade & Minda's quilt and if I didn't love them so much, I would definitely keep this one. I used this pattern, but it didn't turn out big enough for both love birds to snuggle under. So to add some size, I added a couple of borders.  I worried it would make a very modern quilt pattern look too traditional, but I actually like how it turned out.  Truthfully, I think it looks better than the original design.

I've only seen this pattern quilted with straight line quilting, but I decided to contrast the linear design with a very rounded, floral style of quilting.

I think it gives the quilt much more texture and interest. These colors are quite a departure for me.  Lime green and purple are not my usual color palette, but I wanted the quilt to have a young, modern vibe so I went a bit bolder than I normally would.  And may I just say, WOW!  Yeah, I'm going to be expanding my color horizons from now on.

And this is my favorite touch.  Only eight weeks 'til the big day.  Yay!
And of course, I never have just one project going at a time

Here's my next project ready to be quilted, a baby quilt for no one in particular.  I might even be up for selling it if anyone out there needs one.

I'm also working on a back-to-school themed quilt.  I hoped to have it done before Labor Day, but you can see that didn't happen.

And here are some fabrics from my stash I'm pulling together for this pattern.  I'm "swooning" over this color palette.

And here are some other random fabrics I picked up along the way.  There's plenty here to spark my creativity.
Well, I'll off to check out locale.  Anybody know any quilt shops around Lexington?