Sunday, January 1, 2012

Making Merry

My blogger friend, Jackie, said in a recent post, "A quiet blog means a quiet life." Not so for me.  In my life, a quiet blog means a busy life.  Boy, has that ever been true.  Between studying (more like cramming/pulling my hair out) for my certification test (I passed, yay!!) and the celebrating the holidays it has been crazy.. but in a good, merry way.
Now that we are in to the new year, my life has quieted down.  Hence, I have time again to post.
So buckle up, it's going to be a long one!

 I loved how the house looked this year.  Last year, since we were traveling to Utah for Christmas, I pretty much phoned in the home decorating.  I got everything up, but didn't put in too much effort.  This year, with the kids coming here, I did it up right.

I have two totally different styles of decorating.  My front sitting room is graced with my beloved, silver tree. The pallet in that room is frosty: white, aqua and green with some glitter/metallic touches.

I love this room.  It is calming and peaceful.

The great room is a different story.  This room is holly, jolly.  This is the room where the family tree goes.  And, you know what I mean by "family tree".  The family tree is the tree with all of the ornaments the kids handmade in school.  This is the tree with the collection of Hallmark ornaments I bought for each child.  This is the tree with the tinsel on it.  Yes, I said tinsel.  Martha and all the other decorating gurus may think it is tacky, but my tree would not be the same without it.  God bless it, I say!

Every year, I add one or two new treasures to my decoration collection and this year I discovered a wonderful sight with the most delightful printables.   Announced Design has announcements, cards and printable artwork to die for!  
I even purchased this darling story that I gave out as neighbor gifts to my friends with small children.  It even comes with a recipe and gift tags.  If the glowing thank-you's from my friends are any indication, it was a definite hit.
She has some cute Valentines Day printables as well.  Be sure to check it out.

Not all of my friends received the story as their gift.  I baked up some of my favorite raisin bars and gingerbread men and whipped up some gift baskets with hot chocolate mix and games.  Baking for friends is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

With the decorating and baking done, I was ready for the kids to hit town and party!

And this year, it was all about this little guy.  Not the tall, good-looking fellow on the left; the pudgy, bald little darling on the right.

There is nothing quite like Christmas as seen through the eyes of a child.  He was so enthralled with the tree, we had a hard time getting him to pose for the camera.

He got some pretty cool gifts, but like most babies, he was most interested in playing with the wrapping paper.
It was pretty warm while they were here, so we were able to take Mason up to the park.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of the grass.

We also got to take him for his first beach outing.

Here's Mama letting him feel the cold sand.

And of course, nothing tops off a day at the beach like a little ice cream.

Beautiful day, beautiful family.  My absolute pride and joy.
Happy New Year everyone!  May it be a blessed and peaceful one for us all.