Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Additions

So, there's been a couple of additions to the family in the last few weeks.  They've been keeping me pretty busy, hence the reduction in amount of blogging time.  Not that I really mind. Life is for living, not blogging about living.

First of all, my Mom is with me for a while.  She wanted to get away from the Freezing Utah winters so she was with my sister for a few months and now I get to have her.  Yay!  As you can see, I'm not the only one who is happy to have her here.  Joe is quite happy to have another lap to curl up on.

She arrived on February 25th and we have been having big fun since then.  We have been shopping, going to movies, shopping, going out for her birthday, shopping, laughing our heads off and oh yeah, did I mention shopping??
Her birthday was the 3rd of March. To celebrate, I took her to get her ears pierced.  Now, no one but my sister and I would understand what a momentous thing this actually is.  We have been trying to talk her into it for years and years and years but she would never do it.
But this year she has been doing a few updates on her look and she decided to go for it.
She has an appointment with Bella, my fantastic hairdresser on Tuesday.  We are thinking a nice "Hallie Berry-do" is now in order.

I've also got her working out with me. Here she is doing the monster walk with resistance bands.  She's a little slower sitting down these days (lots of glute work), but she is trooper!
By the time she gets home, her friends won't recognize her!

And, say hello to my other addition. Can you believe it?! I'm still in shock.
My own Sweet Sixteen free-motion quilting machine.  It was my Valentine's gift from Matt.  Now, I can count on one hand the times I have gotten a Valentine's gift. In fact, I have jibed him a bit for it.  Well, I'll never be able to say another word.  I guess when he makes up for something he really goes big!

This is the bobbin winder for it.  Doesn't it look like something from NASA?

Of course, a new machine required a reorg of the sewing room.

I thought adding the new machine would make the space really tight, but with the new furniture configuration, I actually have more space.  Me likey, likey!

Of course, a new machine has fueled all sorts of creative energy for me.  Here is the beginning of my newest project.  The pattern is peaking out from under the pieces.

Although there is a lot of cutting and piecing, it is a simple pattern. It's coming together quite nicely. 

This quilt is going to be for a baby girl, so here is the backing fabric.  I've decided to quilt it using a light, light pink thread.  Though, it may be another few weeks before I can get to it.  
My mom's only here through the end of April.  I've only got so much free time and I choose to spend it with her.  Quilting will always be there, Mom won't.