Sunday, April 15, 2012

Insert clever title here.

The other night, I had a very interesting dream.
In the dream, I was walking up a hillside.  It was beautiful and green.  The sky was blue, the trees lovely. As I walked, I noticed the slope of the hill becoming much more pronounced.  Walking became more difficult, my steps were slower.
Pretty soon, I was no longer taking a leisurely stroll along a pleasant hillside. I was on a full-fledged hike up a steep mountain.  I could feel my breathing become more labored and my legs ached with fatigue.
Without warning, the ground shifted underneath me.  I was no longer walking in solid ground. No, I suddenly found myself trudging through quicksand and worse yet, I was sinking quickly.
It gets kind of fuzzy here, but I do remember that I was determined to get myself out.  I kept walking forward, thinking that any minute now I would be okay.
Before I knew it, I was up to my neck in mire.  This is about the time I realized I needed help.
I kept trying to move forward but at the same time I started screaming, "Help!  Please, somebody help me!  Can anybody hear me?!  Please, I'm drowning!"
Pretty soon, I couldn't scream any longer.  I had sunk deep enough that the quicksand covered my mouth and I was up to my eyes in it.
It was at this very moment when a huge hand from an unseen source came out of nowhere, lifted me safely to dry ground and gave a pat on the head. I heard a voice say, "You're okay."  Then....I woke up.
I sat up in bed and thought, "huh, what was that all about?"
I think it's funny how our subconscious processes what is going on in our lives and sends us little messages.  

To say I have felt a little stressed in the last few weeks would be an understatement.  Actually, I hate to even write those words because I am afraid someone will feel bad and get their feeling hurt.
Let me clarify that it was not bad stress.  I had a series of great events happen right about the same time.  But even good things carry with them a measure of stress.  Adaptations have to be made. Time is spent doing different things, so we fall behind in other things, etc, etc.  I have not been unhappy, just extra, extra busy.
As you know from my last post, Mom came to stay for a few weeks.  That brought with it lots of shopping, visiting, birthday celebrating, and movie going.  In other words, "big fun".

Here are a couple of pictures of us horsing around with Photobooth.  We were joking around about getting nose jobs and things went downhill from there.

During the same time, Kade and his friends came for spring break. Add to the big fun, trips to Disney, a fishing trip, dinners out, more shopping and movie going..."big, big fun". 

Have I mentioned lately how much we LOVE Disneyland and California Adventure?  We are always up for a trip to the big D.

Here I am waiting in line for Splash Mountain with Kade and his sweetheart, Minda.  Isn't she geogeous?  We loved getting to know her.  She is a doll.

After they left, my daughter-in-law, Christy came for a week with Mason in tow, HUGE fun! Look at that face!  Doesn't it make you just want to suck his 'lil his cheeks off?

Joe was pretty happy to have a new little person around.  He hardly ever left his side, even at nap time.

Soon after they left, Mom decided she wanted to go home early so...unexpected road trip to Utah!  It was two days driving her home, one day to visit friends and family while there, then a quick flight home to get Matt ready to move back east.
Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that somewhere during all that, Matt's company gave him a contract assignment to go to Pax River, Maryland to work on a military contract and begin hiring to set up a new office there.  He will be there for 6 months to a year commuting home about every other weekend.
AND, on top of all of that, I received a new church calling to teach in the Institute program and my subject matter is, gulp, The Old Testament!  Every spare minute (and there haven't been many) has been sucked up by study and lesson planning.
AND, it is the end of the academic year at work so I have several events to plan and budget numbers to crunch.
AND of course, there was all the regular stuff I had to get done; the house to clean (thanks Mom for handling most of that), meals to fix, work at the temple every Saturday...
I did feel that I was literally "up to my eyeballs" in everything on my plate.
Then suddenly, it was over.  From feast to famine in nothing flat; visitors went home and my husband flew off into the great, blue yonder.  It's just me and Joe rattling around in this big, old house.  I suddenly have time coming out of my ears.  I have time to study, write my blog, clean the house, work as late as I need to and even quilt again.
If you were to ask me which I prefer, I honestly couldn't say.  I like having the time, but I miss my family.  Life is a balancing act.
So, what was the message my mind was giving me?  I think it was just a message of reassurance.  Life may get stressful sometimes, but I'm never in it alone.  I am surrounded by love and support.  Someone, somewhere will give me a hand when I need it the most.
What do you think it meant?  I would love to hear your ideas.

Since I will have so much extra time on my hands for the next 6 months to a year, I made a promise to myself that I will not waste it.  I will take advantage of it and use it for personal growth, household projects and of course, quilting.

The Sweet Sixteen machine I got right before Mom got here, sat gathering dust for almost 6 weeks but this week I put it to work.

I finished the Baby Houndstooth quilt.  I could not be more pleased!

I love the pop of color on the back and binding.

Since I am still knew to using the Sweet Sixteen, I quilted it with a simple meandering stitch, but I used a light pink thread to complement the binding.

 I love the look of the mini-houndstooth fabric.  It gives great texture and movement to the overall houndstooth pattern.  Now, I just have to figure out what cute baby girl will be getting this.

Here is another quilt I finished this week. Unlike Baby Houndstooth, I know just who is getting this one.  A young mother in our ward had a baby boy about a month ago, so I whipped this together for a gift.
I found this backing fabric in my stash.  It was a perfect match.

I seem to be having a bit of a thing for houndstooth lately.  Check out the binding.

Of course, this is my favorite part of the whole quilt.  Q is for quilt.  Oh, yeah.