Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mad, Crazy Quilting



And hopefully delivered on Monday, the "cancer" quilt (as it has unfortunately come to be referred to) is on it's way to Cassie.

I had so much fun quilting this baby.  I did a loopy, overall design in the center section.

With a different design for each border. Sorry, the quilting didn't photograph well from the front so this is shot from the back.  

Speaking of which, here is the back.  Can I tell you that I love the back almost as much as the front??

And, of course as always happens, the morning after I finished, I woke up with a brilliant, beyond brilliant idea of what I SHOULD have done.  I tell you, the idea was so perfect; so personally suited to Cassie, I seriously contemplated picking out the entire quilt and starting again.  But no, in the end, sanity (and wanting her to actually get the quilt before she turned 90) won out.  
Although, the idea is still fluttering around my feverish little mind so Cassie, don't be too surprised if another quilt shows up on your doorstep one day just so I can use that idea.  
Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!

This was a labor of love from start to finish.  
I love it because it is my own design; no pattern, all improv.
I love it because it is my favorite color scheme.
I love it because I made it for someone I love. 

I'm already onto my next project.  It is an ambitious project, that has me a little freaked out.  Here are the different threads and a drawing of one of the elements I will be quilting into it.

I'm calling it Koi Pond.  I bought the fabric and made the top while we were still living in Hawaii and have never gotten around to quilting.  I wanted it to be a wall hanging in our home, but turned out so huge, I never had the courage to try quilting it myself. But with my New Sweet Sixteen quilting machine, I think I can do it.

Let me show you a few of the element designs I am attempting to create.  Sorry, with the business of the batik fabric, they are kind of hard to see.

These are floating lilies and lily pads.

Here is my attempt to recreate the fish drawing.  There are five of these interspersed throughout the quilt.

And, this is a frog.  There are a couple of these hanging around the edges.  
I'm filling in the rest with wavy lines, swirls and bubbles to create the illusion of water currents.  
Like I said, very ambitious for me. Frankly, I'm not sure how it will turn out.  Stay tuned to find out.

And like all good quilters, I never have just one project going at a time.  Here are the squares I put together at the last retreat.  Paired with the fabrics from my stash, I think they will make a great little girl quilt.  

These are fabrics I am considering putting together into a nice wedding quilt.  A little birdie told me a certain son of mine might just be headed for the alter.  

So, lot's of crazy, mad quilting goin' on in the Sew Tacey Studio.
Fun times!