Monday, June 25, 2012

They said it wouldn't last

Last Wednesday Matt and I celebrated our 31st anniversary.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to say/write those words.
You might be tempted to think the title of this post is a bit of hyperbole  Believe me when I say that Matt and I were the only people who were happy about our marriage.
Both sets of parents were appalled!  The reasons? We were too different.  We were too young.  I was too naive.  Matt was too wild.  His parents thought I was a spoiled, gold digger. (This bit of logic has always alluded me since their family was dirt poor.  Literally. Dirt. Poor. )  My parents thought even less of Matt. (So little, I can't even repeat it.) 
Even those of our family and friends who weren't quite so verbal as our parents were silently dubious about our chances.

But, here we are 31 years later still going strong.  I have to admit that every year on our anniversary I'm tempted to call certain people and say, "Just thought you might like to know today is my (insert number) anniversary.  Choke on that, bub!"  But no, I never give in.  It's nice to fantasize though!

So Matt, here's to us!

Here's to the wild, cowboy...

who married the naive, city girl...

and gave her two beautiful boys...

whisked her off to live in exotic locals...

filled her life with fun and adventure...

and gave her "joy in her posterity"...

It's been a great life.

You have my heart.

Here is the soundtrack of our life.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Koi Pond and other projects

Lately, my quilting has consisted of hours & hours of bubbles and swirls and waves (oh my!).
I love how my Koi Pond quilt is turning out, but it has been a little monotonous.  I made this top before I did my own quilting, so the size of the quilt was irrelevant to me.  Now that I do my own quilting, 68" x 80" is a bit of a challenge.
To keep myself from going insane, I have interspersed my downtime with smaller projects.
First off, I finished the retreat quilt top.  I decided to make the squares on-point.  I hadn't done a quilt like that in a while, so I really had to put my thinking cap on to do the math.  Luckily, I have a book by Better Homes and Gardens that is a total "quilting bible" and it walked me through the entire thing.
Don't you love the 'lil birdie border?
I had a few leftover squares so I pieced them into the back.  This will be the next quilting project if I EVER get done with Koi Pond.
I also made a few Mug Rugs for gifts.
This one is my favorite, so I am keeping it for myself.  Don't you love the Christmas fabric?  It is original Aneela Hooey fabric. I picked it up from her on Spoonflower a couple of years ago,  before she was made famous by Moda.  I could kick myself for only buying a fat quarter!
Moda created an entire line around this fabric called "Cherry Christmas" to be released soon.  You better believe I'll be first in line to pick some up.
I made a couple of cards from scraps and selvedges.
And lastly, I sewed together this mini quilt to use for free-motion practice.  I like to test out new designs on these type of smaller projects before I use them on a large quilt.
This is the fabric I chose for the back.  I seem to have a thing lately for grey, yellow and daisies.  There is just something so cheery about daisies.
So that is what I have been up to in my spare time.
Matt comes back into town this Friday and will stay the week to celebrate our anniversary.  31 years, can you believe it?  We'll be hitting the new Carsland at Disney/California Adventure to celebrate.  I'm so excited!
And guess who else will be in town for a visit?
Yep, this little guy and his parents will also spending the week .  I can't wait!  I haven't been able to cuddle him in months.

Look at that big boy taking on the cement stairs outside his home.   He's definitely growing up.  He'll be a year old on the 17th.  It's been a truly blessed year.
Also, be sure and check out my What's Cookin' page.  I just posted my new go-to cookie from Eat Clean Magazine.  It's so decadent, you'll never know your eating healthy.