Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random Questions

This will be a picture-less post since I'm posting from my phone while on jury duty.
Sitting in the jury assembly room for hours certainly causes a gal's mind to wander. I begin to wonder about all sorts of things.
Things like:
Why are there some people who simply must talk all the time?
The woman sitting behind me has been prattling on about everything from her disability money running out to the size of another prospective jurors boobs, the entire time we have been here. I feel sorry for the poor man sitting next to her.
And another thing:
When did the average woman lose sight of how to dress appropriately?
I would probably have been spared the diatribe about the perspective jurors boobs if said juror had not shown up in ridiculously tight skinny jeans and a halter top of which said boobs were falling out.
Really?? This is what she thinks is appropriate for court? She's not the only one, either. Across the room is a woman in a spandex micro mini and 5" heels. Now that is an outfit one might expect to see in a courthouse, although, probably not on a juror.
And let's not neglect the men. We've got quite the assortment of style choices there as well.
There's the biker dude with his leather and chains sitting next to the old guy in the grateful dead shirt and ZZ top beard. Lovely.
I would hope a jury of my peers would have a little better grasp on appropriate public service attire.
And finally:
How can I shake this guy who has been following me around my entire lunch hour??
I think he's trying to pick me up.
Matt, we have GOT to get my wedding ring repaired. A wedding ring is really a girls best stalker defense.
Is it time to go home yet?

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