Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three quilts and a recipe

K & M's quilt top is finished.  Well, maybe not.  I used this pattern which is a little smaller than they requested.  They wanted something big enough for them both snuggle under and I don't know that it is quite big enough.  So, I'm thinking of putting a border around it. I'm on the look out for the right fabric now.  Even without the border I love it. I hope they like it.  Joe certainly does.

 I could not get him out of the pictures.  He was very determined that I should play ball with him. I guess he figured that repeatedly dropping his ball on the quilt would be the most certain way to get my attention.
Well, it worked.  After I took this shot, set the camera aside to play a little fetch/keep away with him.  Strange name for a game you say.  Well, there is a story behind it.
Joe has never quite mastered the art of fetch.  Oh sure, he will run and fetch the ball, but he will never actually give it back to you.  He will run to within inches of you and stop. When you then try to retrieve the ball, he will keep moving his body just far enough out of your reach to keep you from taking it from him.  This will continue indefinitely until you actually tackle him, take the ball and throw it again.  This game is high entertainment for The Joe.

Back to the subject at hand.  I also finished this cute, little girls quilt. Anybody know a special little girl who might like this? 

I tried a new-to-me machine quilting design called a hooked swirl.  It was very easy and gave the quilt great texture.  don't you love the look of it on the linen I used for negative space?  The only thing I might do differently next time is to quilt the pattern a bit smaller.

I found this cute, aqua floral in my stash.  I think it makes the perfect binding; still feminine but keeps the pink factor from becoming nauseating.

I recently found out that another person I know is battling cancer.  News like this hits so hard because I know there is really nothing I can do.  I want to help, but can only offer support.  I had a few squares left over from the first quilt, so I whipped this up to show I care.  It's very small, but I'm thinking it will make a nice center if I surround it with a nice gray solid.
Well, that's what I've been up to lately in my spare time.
And now, for a special friend (I told you I'd finally get around to it) who requested that I post it.  Check out what new on the What's Cookin' page.   I think you'll like it.