Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greetings from Maryland

I'm hanging out in The Old Line/Oyster state for a week with my hubby, but I didn't want to wait until I got home to post this beauty.

I finished quilting Kade & Minda's quilt and if I didn't love them so much, I would definitely keep this one. I used this pattern, but it didn't turn out big enough for both love birds to snuggle under. So to add some size, I added a couple of borders.  I worried it would make a very modern quilt pattern look too traditional, but I actually like how it turned out.  Truthfully, I think it looks better than the original design.

I've only seen this pattern quilted with straight line quilting, but I decided to contrast the linear design with a very rounded, floral style of quilting.

I think it gives the quilt much more texture and interest. These colors are quite a departure for me.  Lime green and purple are not my usual color palette, but I wanted the quilt to have a young, modern vibe so I went a bit bolder than I normally would.  And may I just say, WOW!  Yeah, I'm going to be expanding my color horizons from now on.

And this is my favorite touch.  Only eight weeks 'til the big day.  Yay!
And of course, I never have just one project going at a time

Here's my next project ready to be quilted, a baby quilt for no one in particular.  I might even be up for selling it if anyone out there needs one.

I'm also working on a back-to-school themed quilt.  I hoped to have it done before Labor Day, but you can see that didn't happen.

And here are some fabrics from my stash I'm pulling together for this pattern.  I'm "swooning" over this color palette.

And here are some other random fabrics I picked up along the way.  There's plenty here to spark my creativity.
Well, I'll off to check out locale.  Anybody know any quilt shops around Lexington?