Monday, January 21, 2013

Proud Mama

 When we arrived in Utah for Kade's wedding, this was how far along Damen's store was.  The partners were stressed because the store would not be ready for Black Friday and they were frantically setting up in an temporary location.

Well, it's finally finished and ready to go! Yay!

Last Friday, Matt, Mom and I were thrilled to attend the ribbon cutting. (Damen is the handsome gent with the green sleeves.)

Who would have guessed that a 'lil 'ol' BA in Film from BYU would lead to this...

I guess I shouldn't say it "Damen's" store.  There were 4 other partners.  It was definitely a team effort.  I also spoke with the architect, the general contractor, the city planner and several other key people, without which Gear:30 would never have come about.  But I will say, that time and again those people told me, "This (meaning Gear:30) was all Damen" and other similar statements.  Yeah, that made my buttons pop just a bit.

So, if you happen to be in Ogden, do a proud Mama a favor.  Stop by the corner of Washington and Park to check out best outdoor retailer in town.  

This little mountain man is counting on your support.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The View

Every morning since I have been staying with Mom, this is what I see when I look out the back windows.

Waking up to these beauties is such a peaceful way to start my day. 

These two had quite the stare down this morning.  Joe was chomping at the bit to get out there and "play" with his new found friends.
Since the house we bought is only about 1/2 mile up the road (a fact I am very happy about), Mom tells me I will probably get to see them from my own windows as well.

Speaking of the house, here is a sneak peek of some of the rooms.

I like the layout of the kitchen but would like to find a way to switch out the free standing range/oven with a cook top and built-in double oven with convection.  

It has a lovely walk-in pantry.  A feature I sorely missed in the California house.

Here is the Master bed/bath suite.  The mauve counter tops and trim have GOT TO GO!

The current color palette is too dark and overly "country" for my taste so if we have time,  we will probably have the entire thing painted before we move in.

Here are the colors I am currently considering.  What do you think?

Here is the HUGE basement.  This is only a small piece of it.  There is another huge room off to the right out of sight of the camera.  The owners threw in the pool table, btw.  I don't know exactly what we are going to do with it, but it's kind of cool.  Oh yeah, see that white door?

 Here is the storage room located behind it.  It is huge! Storage, storage storage, I love it!
I'm looking forward to getting in there and starting our new life.  I know I'm going to love it here.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Degree

That was the high temperature for yesterday and today.  Tonight, as I write this, it is already eight below.  It's so cold, it stings my lungs to breathe.
Before we left SoCal, I mentally prepared myself for the change from our perfect Camarillo climate to the freezing Logan winter, but can you ever really prepare yourself for such a change?  I'm already jones-ing for my beloved ocean breezes.
However, in the spirit of keeping a positive attitude, here are some of the good things that are happening:

This is me enjoying my new aerobic workout.  Shoveling snow is a great cardio workout.

All the bending and squatting is great for the quads and glutes...

and lifting the shovel to toss the snow is great for your core and upper body.

Shoveling Mom's driveway and patio is quite a workout.  I have found a great gym though.  I'm loving the Sports Academy and Racquet Club in town.  Truly, it is better than any gym we have belonged to.

The price of gas here certainly cheers me up.  I can't remember the last time I paid under $3.00 for a gallon of gas.  Take that California!

Spending copious amounts of time with the cutest grandson on the planet, is a big plus.

He just loves to play with my glasses.  I think it has something to do with the silver fob.

Oh yeah, and then there is this little baby. We arrived in Utah with a plan to rent for at least a year before we invested in a house.  However, when we saw the dismal condition of the available rental properties and the reasonable prices of what was for sale, we decided to go for it.  Here is the house we made an offer on last Saturday.  Th sellers accepted on Sunday and we are now knee deep in paperwork hoping to close in a month.  Yay!
In California, a house this size would have gone for no less than $750,000.  We got it for (ahem) SIGNIFICANTLY less.  Around 2/3rd less to be exact.  Yes, that definitely takes the sting out of a dealing with the cold weather.
Bazinga, California!

Of course, there are some things about the Sunshine State I will always treasure.  Mostly, the people.  Which brings me to this.  While Matt was commuting, the Garrett family adopted me.  They made sure to sit with me at church. The kids randomly dropped by with treats. Tyler gave me priesthood blessings when I needed them. Becky (my sister from another mother) texted me every morning just to make sure I was still alive!  Thinking about that still makes me giggle.  I will never forget their kindness and generosity.
For Christmas, to show how very much I love and appreciate them, I wanted to make something special for each child.  For Will (pictured above), I made a super-hero basket complete with mask, cape and tons of treats to empower any growing superhero.  The joy on his face when he opened that package was priceless.  It is something I will always hold in my heart.

The cape was easy and fun to make.  It took me less than an hour from start to finish.

If you want to make one for the little superhero in your life, you can order it here
I found the labels for all the treats on this amazing blog.

I miss you, Garrett Family!