Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finished projects and Easter fun

It's finished.  I'm very happy with it.  

I found this skateboarder bumble bee print in my stash.  It makes a perfect border and turns the modern blocks into a fun toddler quilt.  The grey polka dot binding adds some whimsy as well.

I used a simple stipple for the quilting just to get back in the quilting groove after the long hiatus due to the move.  

I don't have anyone special in mind to receive this one so I'll just save it in the quilt closet for now.  

After I finished the quilt, I saw this little lovely on Pinterest.  The blog gives an easy to follow tutorial with a free printable, so I decided to try give it a try.  

Here's my version.  I got these measuring spoons from Anthropologie a couple of years ago, but have never had a proper way to display them until now.  

I think it looks great in my kitchen.  If you would like to make one for yourself, you can find the blog post HERE.

Easter at Damen's house was a total blast.  These are pictures of our version of bitter herbs (fresh rosemary with horseradish sauce) and passover wine (grape juice).  I thought the horseradish would make me gag, but I have to admit it wasn't all that bad.  

After dinner, it was time for the Easter egg hunt.  This is a family tradition on Christy's side and it is highly competitive.  Yeah, everyone is all lovely-dovely here, but then Damen called, "On your mark!"

 "Get set!"


Score two for me!

Even Mom got in on the action.

Katherine had the big haul of the day. Forty-two eggs, including one left from last year that had dead maggots in it. Yuk!

We found two hundred and sixty-five eggs in all.  The problem was we hid two hundred and seventy-five of them.  Try though we might, we couldn't find them all.  I have a feeling we might find a few more maggot filled eggs next year.  

Mason had his own little area set aside for him to find eggs. 

 He even got to play with the new chicks Damen and Christy brought home the day before.  

Once the fun was over, he was ready for a little cuddle with Grandma.  That was one tired little cowboy.  
He was out for the night.

The only problem was, he fell asleep in his jeans and a wet diaper.  After serious consultation, we decided to try to make the change without moving/waking him.  But, could we do it???

Victory, yeah!
Happy Easter, everyone.