Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh, Baby

When I bought this fabric, I had plenty of time; gallons of time; so, so, so much time. 

I bought the fabric before she had even made the announcement, 

before we even knew it was a girl (but I kinda had a feeling), 

and way before last weekend when I suddenly woke up to the fact that we were less than a month out and I hadn't even started the quilt.  Yikes!

So, this is what I've been doing for the last few days.  I reworked the pattern I used for this quilt.  I've decided it's my favorite baby quilt pattern.  It's fast, easy and looks great with any fabric.  

This quilt came together doubly fast with the help of my handy new tool, The Angler.  

Just line up your square along the template lines and sew a straight line with no marking. Triangles in a flash.  

I whipped up the back with some scraps.  I like it as much as I do the front.  

Here's another little do-dad I whipped up with the scraps.  I found the patterns here and here.

I also saw this Heather Ross pattern on the Martha Stewart website. I changed the method of gathering the leg holes.  The instructions given were confusing and didn't work well.  Other than that, they came together easily.  

So, it's full on baby mode around this place.  I have to admit I'm getting pretty darn excited!

With the baby so close, Christy has a serious case of nesting. She and Damen converted their office into a new room for Mason and the nursery needed to be given a feminine vibe.  We spent one weekend painting the majority of their house in preparation. All of that decorating got me inspired to start on some projects I've been procrastinating.  Here is my new gallery wall.  

I only have a few things up for now, but I will be adding to it until the entire stairwell is filled with family photos and memorabilia.

My library is where I put my marble statues.  The statues have been up since we unpacked, but I recently added the wall decor.  

With my recent interest in studying the names of Christ, when I saw this poster, I just had to have it.  I'll be adding to this wall as well.  I have some beautiful prints by Minerva Teichert that will be perfect.

Summer's officially over.  The cool fall weather is here.  I'm back in the quilting mood.
Here's a sketch of my next project.  Mason needs a new quilt for his new bed in his new room.  

This is going to be fun.