Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stash Busting

Quilt making generates a massive amount of scraps.  The question is always what to do with them?  For most quilters, it's a dilemma to decide when a  scrap is so small as to avoid causing guilt feelings if thrown away.  As for me, it has to be a pretty small (think microscopic) scrap for my "I know I'll be able to use this later" gene not to kick in.  It's a sickness, I know.  

Maddie's quilt left me with a bunch of little triangles that I just couldn't toss.  I decided to turn them into half-square triangles and see what I could do with them.

Using only fabric from my stash and the triangle squares, I came up with these two baby quilts.
Cute, huh?  I love them! To give proper credit, the top quilt was inspired by this Thimbleblossoms pattern.  The bottom one is my own creation.

I'm calling them my fraternal twins; made from the same fabric DNA but not identical.

That little bit of stash busting got me fired up so I pulled out some of my neutrals and decided I'd try to use it to create a nice tablescape for Thanksgiving.

Here's what I came up with.

I whipped up these reversible placemats...

and a couple of runners.  I've had this script fabric for a couple of years. I love it but I've never found the right project for it.

Years ago, I inherited these blue & white dishes from Aunt Twila. I think they look lovely set against all the neutral colors.

My finishing touch is this natural fiber turkey center piece I saw at World Market (one of my favorite stores) and just had to have.
So, what d'ya think?

Have a great holiday! Gobble, gobble!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Views

As a general rule, I try to keep this blog light.  I tend not to share my views.  Not that I don't have strong views: the economy, gun control, political scandals, the Obamacare debacle. Oh yeah, I've got views, boy do I have views.
So, last week was a pretty big week, right?  Lots going on in the world.  In light of that, I have decided to break my own rule and share some of my views from last week.

Here is the view from my chair while I was soaking up the sun on Kam One.

Here is the view from my chair as I was getting a pedicure at THE BEST place on Maui.  I kid you not.  The Pedicare Center will give you a full one hour, spa pedicure, including a pressure point massage of your legs, feet, head, shoulder, arms and hands all for only $55 buck-a-rooneys.  I go there every time I'm on-island.

Here is my view of Matt in the chair next to me. He's very secure in his masculinity.


Here are my views from a little drive we took up-country where we found the first LDS chapel ever built on Maui.

And finally, here are some of my views from the morning walks along the coastline we took almost every day we were there.  There is nothing more calming to me than walking along a beach and hearing the ocean.  We were also lucky enough to get some closeup views of some sea turtles playing and feeding in the surf.  
Last week, while the Democrats, Republicans, Fox News and CNN were pointing fingers, these were the views I chose to focus on.  
So, if you're fretting over whether or not your premiums are going to sky rocket, or worrying that your insurance will be cancelled, I offer you a moment of peace and beauty.  I know it's not much, but it's all I have.