Thursday, December 19, 2013

Around the house

There's not much quilting going on around this place; too much other fun stuff to do.

First was the decorating.  Since this is our first Christmas in this house, it's been a challenge to figure out the right spot for everything.  I'm still not sure I like it all, but I do like my glitter village and tablescape.
I got these dishes at Target about 10 years ago.  Yes, I was one of those wackos up at the crack of dawn for the "day after Christmas" sale.  I had to fend off several crazed female shoppers and a couple of style conscious gay dudes, but I scooped these babies up for half off.  I got an entire set of Christmas dishes for under $50.  I still love them.

Next, there was baking to be done.

Kade and Minda helped out.  Kade had a pretty serious case of "baker's butt" goin' on.

Now, we're not Martha Stewart but whatdaya think?  Pretty cute, huh?

Then came the neighbor gifts.  This year, I decided I would go with something healthy, so I whipped up some of my famous homemade whole-wheat bread.

With the addition of some flavored butter and freezer jam, I think it will make a nice gift.

I found the darling labels and butter recipes here and here.
Then came the treat making for the ward Christmas party.

I decided to turn these...

Into these.   It was easy-peasy.  So easy, in fact, I didn't really need a tutorial, but I found one for you anyway.  Just click here.

I also made this delicious white chocolate/dried cranberry/pistachio bark.  My husband will tell you I'm a Craisin junkie, so this stuff is dangerous.  It is definitely my clean eating Kryptonite.  Heaven help me!
I found the recipe here.

Speaking of the ward party, this was our meal.  Note to self: If I'm ever in charge of a ward Christmas party, be sure to double check with the caterer.  By the time the committee realized no food was coming their only option was to call Little Caesars.  Can you imagine getting that call?  "Yes, hello?  I'd like to order 100 pizzas, ready asap!"
In all seriousness, I know the ladies who planned the evening felt bad, but the night was still festive and fun.  And hey, who doesn't like pizza!

Lastly, there was the annual trip to see the lights at Temple Square.

It was beautiful as always and even more wonderful because we had our family with us.

Here's a close up of our newest addition.  She's two months old now and getting more bright-eyed and active by the day.

Then of course, there's my little prince;  never happier than when he is in the thick of things.  We brought the stroller for him but he wasn't happy just sitting and looking. He had to get out to play in the snow.
I just can't get enough kisses!
I'm sure I will get back to quilting after the holidays are over, but this time of year is made for taking it easy and enjoying the moments and that's just what I intend to do.
Merry Christmas, everyone!