Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Faster than a spinning bobbin...

For a January in northern Utah, it has been exceptionally warm.  We haven't been in the negative temperatures all month.  It's great for we warm blooded humans.  Unfortunately, Flaky bit the dust a couple of weeks ago.

With the holiday clean up over and done, I'm feelin' pretty creative.  I'm in full-on quilt mode over here.

The scraps are piling up.

Three baby quilts are waiting on my long-arm table.

I'm cutting out this fresh fabric bundle for a quilt I want for my own bedroom.

I'm playing around with these HSTs left over from Kade and Minda's quilt.

And, I see this baby coming my near future.
Is this too much, you ask??
Never! Because I am...


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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Christmas is over.  The decorations are all tucked safely away.  The holidays seems to come and go so fast now!  I remember when I was a kid and it seemed to take forever for Christmas to get here.  Now it all goes by in the blink of an eye.  At least now, I'm better at recording the day so I can look back and remember all the special moments.

We got a little restless on Christmas Eve and that's when we decided to build this good-looking' fellow.  Meet Flaky.

Well, there I was minding my own business, happily working on our masterpiece when Kade, ever the good uncle, decided to give Mason his first lesson in snowball throwing.  

Ahhhhhh, ya got me!


Oh no! Ya got me again!

Victory!  Oh yeah, he thought that was great fun.  Needless to say, I got pelted for the rest of the afternoon.

We were pretty darn proud of our creation.

Next, it was time to sing a few carols.  Kade is quite the prodigy on the ukelele.  However, Mason decided he needed a little help.

 Then, he decided to get his own little guitar and form a duo.

Then, he found a microphone and decided our little band needed a front man. Joe makes a pretty good groupie, don't you think?

Mom and I were soon recruited as back up singers.

Mom loves to sing so she was quite enthusiastic about it.

Maddie was quite comfy on Minda's lap and happily slept the evening away.

Christmas morning arrived bright and early but before we could open any presents, it was time to snap some shots of the babies in their holiday pj's.  

Finally, it was time for presents.  We didn't have enough room for all of us to sit upstairs, so we hauled the booty downstairs.

With so many of us, packages were everywhere!

Santa brought lots of fun and surprises this year, to be sure.

Of course, there were those special moments I didn't get recorded.  Moments so sweet and sacred no photo could ever really capture them.
Moments like the pre-dawn hours I spent sitting by the tree with Maddie snuggled in my arms on Christmas morning. That time with together as we waited for everyone else to wake up will never need a photo to be cherished.
I hope your Christmas was filled with such special moments, as well.

2014 is here and I have big plans for quilts and other projects.  I'm looking forward to sharing all of them with you.
Happy New Year!