Thursday, February 20, 2014

What do I get? I get everything!

This morning I watched this wonderful video.  I love Sister Sheri Dew.  I respect and admire her more than I can say.  Her words here so encapsulate my own feelings, I just had to share.

And, how delightful is this lady?  She is a amazing example of what our religion stands for.
Nothing about my religion oppresses women.
Every good thing I am is because of my religion.
I'm a Mormon.  I know it.  I live it.  I love it.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Around here, we usually don't do much Valentine's Day celebrating. Manufactured romance isn't really our scene.
I do, however, try to give little treats to the ladies I visit teach and this year, I had a brilliant, beyond brilliant treat idea that I just had to share!

I've been seeing a lot of recipes around the internet to make your own Iced Animal Cookies.  Since these were some of my childhood favorites, I have pinned several recipes.

When I remembered I had these cute cookie cutters in my baking pantry, my idea was born.

Why mot make iced Valentine's cookies to give to my ladies?  These were very fun to make and oh so delicious.  Yes, I did have to try one.  I mean I couldn't give them away without making sure they were edible, could I?  But, lest you think I have fallen off the Eat Clean wagon...

Here is the lunch I was chowing while I was baking.
For a complete tutorial on how I made the cookies, click on my What's Cooking tab.


Other than that, there hasn't been too much going on.  As I said in my last post, I spent all of last week recuperating from a monster sinus infection.  Even with antibiotics, I am still clearing crud out of my head.  Yuck!  On the bright side though, since I didn't leave the house all week, I had plenty of time to quilt.
I finished the baby quilts.

I challenged myself with some unfamiliar quilting techniques and am quite please with the results.

I bound them both with binding made from several leftover fabrics.  This is one of my favorite things to do with binding.

After that, I put this quilt top together using a couple of charm packs from my stash.  This one will be used as a throw for the end of my bed.  I'm excited!  I hardly ever keep my quilts for myself.

I'll be making an inner border from one of these solids, but I still haven't decided which one.  Though, I'm leaning toward the darker blue.  I think it will "pop" more than the others.  The outer border will be more of the same white I used for the sashing.  I think it will be quite lovely.

With my recent burst of creativity, my UFO closet is slowly changing from this (these are the un-quilted tops. Only two left!)...

to this (all my finished quilts).  Very exciting!  Now I just need a few friends/acquaintances to have babies.  I definitely have some gifts ready.

The last thing I'll leave you with is this.  I found these earlier this week while shopping at Deseret Book.  This is one of my very favorite scriptures and I think this plaque is just lovely.  I snapped it up at a bargain price (even better!) and here it sits in my library.

They have these matching collectible coins showing each piece of armor, as well.  This is the one I bought first, but I will be collecting them all.  While I don't exactly know what I will do with them, they are too awesome to pass up.
Suit Up!  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good memories, bad photos

Beware, this will be a photo heavy post and most of them will be bad.  I was visiting friends and family in Salt Lake last week but forgot my camera.  I know some people who can take professional quality photos with their phone, sadly I am not one of them.
Here is the quilt I finished for Mason's new room.

These closeups are a little better quality.  You can get a look at some of the fun, colorful fabrics.

I quilted a simple meander stitch with some twirly, swirlies ( yes, I love Elf) mixed in for a bit of interest.

This little cutie was quite happy with it.  He just had to get in at least one of the pictures.

Then he HAD to take a few shots of grandma.  Not a bad job I'd say.  I mean, they aren't any more blurry than the ones I took.
It was a great visit.  Unfortunately, both the little ones were sick and while I thought I was careful not to pick up any stray germs, I came down with it as soon as I got home.

On the bright side, staying home with a cold has given me plenty of time to quilt.  I've had this quilt top in my UFO closet for a few months now.  I used this pattern.  I am happy with how it turned out, but I have to admit, I will probably never make it again.  To put it kindly, appliqué is just not my scene.  I hated it!  I only finished it because I didn't want to waste the fabric.

Here is a blurry shot of the back.

I found the brown print at JoAnn's and loved it at first sight.  The pattern reminds me of dandelions, which I think compliment the front quite nicely.

I've also been working on The Twins.  Small scrap projects like these give me an opportunity to practice unfamiliar quilting techniques without too much worry.  If I goof it up, oh well.  No harm, no foul.    

 More twirly, swirlies :)  They make me happy.

I used this one as an exercise in feathering.  Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

 For the insets, I tried a peacock feather motif.  I wasn't sure I would like it, but I do.

Then, some simple flowers for the border.
After a quick run to Insta-care, I will be binding this one while I spend the remainder of the day resting.
Cough, cough, sniffle sniffle, sneeze.