Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I've been off the grid for a while, I know.  More about that later.
I don't usually blog about my boo-boo's. I mean, who wants to document how stupid you are.  But yesterday I did something so painfully bone-headed, I'm making an exception.  Sometimes, it helps to get over something if you can laugh about it with friends.
So, this is a photo of my latest project.  Take a close look to see if you can spot my little mishap, while I explain what it is.
A while ago, I decided I wanted something on my gallery wall to represent all the different places Matt & I have been during our marriage.  So, I decided to make a scrappy wall-hanging of the US with a button placed in each state we have lived in or traveled to.
I spent hours choosing the scraps for each state, tracing their outlines onto fusible web and then ironing said fusible web onto said scraps.
Yesterday, I spend another 2 1/2 hours placing and ironing each state onto the background fabric and when it was done, this is what I had.  It was beautiful!  I was so happy with it!
Have you spotted my little faux-pas, yet? No? Well, back to the story.
Once I had it all done, it was time to trim and square up.  I carefully measured each side, and since the piece was too big for my mat, I folded it over to make the cuts.  Can you see where I'm going with this?

Yep, I mis-measured the top...

and whacked right through Washington and Idaho.  Measure twice, cut once, I know, I know!
When I discovered what I had done, I gasped, I panicked, I even cried a little.  I racked my brain for some way to piece it back together.   But in the end, there's no way to repair it. So, it's back to the drawing board for me.  I'm still mad at myself but I'll just have to move on and chalk it up to a lesson learned. Trust me, I'll be much more careful in the future.
I'll post the finish project when I get it done in a couple of weeks.
So what have I been up to lately that has kept me from blogging for over a month?
Nothing all that interesting, just family business and putting out fires.

The kids and I did, however, take a road trip to California for a quilt retreat with my old quilting buddies.  It was pure heaven!

A week in Santa Barbara with nothing to do but quilt, collaborate and shop for fabric.

 Even the cat got into the act.

Not to mention, I got to hang with the gang again.  I really love these people.  (Sorry for the bad phone photo.)

Pictured: CJ Roll, Choice Roll, Sweet Summer Roll and Home-run Roll. Sooooo delicious!
We topped off a perfect week with a sushi night at Yomama Sushi in Camarillo. If you're a sushi fan and you live in or around Camarillo don't walk, run to this place.  

Then there is this baby; the French Kiss Roll.  It is, bar none, the most delicious sushi roll I have EVER partaken of.  It is the perfect dessert roll.

 This is what was left after 15 minutes.  Gone, baby gone.
All in all, it was a wonderful vacation.  So wonderful, we have decided to make it an annual event.

Rob, our token male quilter, talked quilting enough with Kade to convince him it was something he should try.  As soon as we got home, he went through my fabric and cut up his old shirts to make a quilt block for his "Banana-Crew quilt." 

 By jove, I think he's got it!

Things are pretty good. Though, Matt is having some lingering back issues.  Would you do me a favor and include him in your prayers?  I love him so much and hate to see him in pain.
The weather is warming up.  I'm really looking forward to spring.
Next time I won't wait so long between posts.
Signing off for now.