Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The one about being a good neighbor

This week we got reported to the city. Apparently, we have not been keeping a tree whose branches expand over the sidewalk trimmed high enough and one of our neighbors turned us in.

Now, there are two things I find funny about this.

One: That we live in a place where perspective is so skewed that the height of tree limbs is a reportable offense.  I mean, we live in a world where women have acid thrown in their faces for revenge and people get beheaded by terrorists.  Where sexual violence in used not only as a weapon of war but also as a marriage proposal. Where children are forced to be soldiers.  Just last night, our country bombed Syria.

And you don't even have to look that far, Primary Children's Hospital is filled with innocent children suffering through cancer.

Really, the thought that the branches of our tree could have been so offensive that we needed to be turned in, amazes me.  Then again, maybe I'm guilty of committing a micro-aggression but I'm just too de-sensitized to be aware of it.

Second: That our "neighbor" could not find the cojones, courtesy to talk to us directly before turning us in.  I mean, we're neighbors! What was so frightening that they couldn't just knock on the door and say, " Hey neighbor, I'm having a bit of difficulty passing under your tree on my daily walk.  Would you mind cutting a couple of branches to make it a easier.  Hey I know, why don't I come over and help you?"  I can tell you, had that happened we would have gladly done it.  In fact, we had even talked about the fact that it needed to be done, we just hadn't quite gotten to it.

So, here is the offending tree after we gave it the requested trimming.  Of course, as you saw from the first picture, I just couldn't resist sending a little message.

So anonymous neighbor, here's my advice and something I am going to try to implement in my own life as well.

First, when something irritates us let's all try to get a modicum of perspective before we take action.  Let's ask ourselves, "On the grand scale of world problems, is this really that heinous?"  The answer will most likely be no.

Second...actually, there is no second.  I can't imagine a scenario in which I would complain to a neighbor about the condition of their home.  I mean, I may not like it if they don't maintain their home up to my standards, but we do live in America. A person can maintain their home any way they wish. Unless of course you are part of a neo-nazi HOA, but that's a whole other topic.

Am I wrong to think this whole thing was pretty petty?

On a lighter note, here is my latest finish.  A niece is about to deliver a baby boy and this is my gift.

I love muted neutrals and blue/brown/grey is one of my favorite color combinations in that palette.

Here's the back.

A simple meander stitch for the quilting keeps it soft and pliable for baby.

So, it's been an interesting week here in Smallville.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Team Spirit

There hasn't been too much going on around here.  Last week was the week from hell, as Matt & I suffered through the worst flu I've had in years.  Seriously, I was so nauseous and exhausted even the thought of getting up to go to the bathroom made me weep.
Then, right as I was getting over it I felt that familiar "flaming-ice-pick-in-the-side" pain on my lower left side and knew I was in for another kidney stone.  Great, just great!  Luckily, this one moved through rather quickly so the pain didn't last as long as usual.
This week is better.  I'm still feeling a couple of twinges, but I'm mostly up and around again.
Speaking of which...
 Check out my new toy!

Oh yeah, I got me a new cruiser bike.

Of course, I'm still getting used to the pedal brakes, but I love it.  Yes, I'm having visions of riding around the neighborhood and pedaling down to the market or mom's house to take her a loaf of bread.

I've also been madly trying to finish this.  Football season is here and I've got two rabid fans impatiently waiting for their stadium quilts.

So far, I've only managed to finish one.

The team colors are navy and taupe. I think found some pretty terrific fabrics in that palette.

And of course, here's the fabric that started the entire enterprise.  When it started popping up in the local quilt shops, I knew at least one team quilt was in my future.

Here's the back.

I've been seeing a ton of USU t-shirt quilts, but I didn't want to make a quilt the same as everyone else so I decided to only use one shirt and put it on the back.

The rest of the back is flannel to keep my boys nice and cozy.  
I'm hoping to get the other one done before the next home game, but if I can't make that happen I guess they'll just have to snuggle up under this one.
Well, that's all from my neck of the woods.  I leave you with one piece of advice.  
GET YOUR FLU SHOT!  You'll thank me.