Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sowing and Sewing

That, pretty much, sums up what I've been doing lately.
First, the sewing...

These lovely ladies are my newest obsession.  The pattern is called "It Takes A Village" and it calls for 36 of these blocks.  Only twelve more to go!  I've been going through some stuff lately and sewing these is helping me work my way through it.  What can I say, they make me happy and I need a little cheering up lately.

I like them all but these three are my favorites, so far.  The pattern only calls for muslin for the faces and hands but I figured in a real village the ladies would come in all colors so I made sure to get a variety of flesh tones.  I like the "diversity."

 As for the sowing, I love it when my perennials start popping.  These are the bleeding hearts and hellebores I planted last year.  Aren't they beautiful?  They make me happy too.
This year, we have added a garden plot to grow veggies. Last year, I just planted a few tomatoes in an empty flower bed along one side of the house, but this year I'll be sowing a full-on veggie garden.
My back is already hurting just thinking about it.

Here are a couple of other things that have lately helped to cheer me up.

Yay for Grandma Days!  I've had Grandma days with Mason for a couple of years now and finally Maddie is old enough.  Here are some pictures of our full day together.  It was a day of princess dresses, tea parties and Mystery Date.  I still smile when I remember her little voice asking, "More tea, Maama?"  As for playing mystery date she's still a little young to understand the rules but she loved moving the girls around the board and opening the door and yelling out the names of the different boys.  This one is "Surfer Guy!!!"

Then there was LDS Women's conference.  Mom and I went down and stayed for the entire thing.  The conference was at BYU and we stayed in on-campus housing. Talk about a walk down memory lane.  We were assigned to stay at Helaman Halls which just happens to be the dorms I lived in when I was in school there.
Here we are at the mass service project.  We worked packaging food for the local food banks.  The goal was 350,000 packets in three hours and we more than met the goal.  As proud as I am that we were part of that great effort, let me just go on record that the hair nets are not a good look for us.
Worst. Selfie. EVER!

And lastly there's this.  It seems we have a little squatter.  A fairy seems to have set up house-keeping under our birch tree.  So far, she's been very neighborly; no wild parties keeping us up at night.  I guess there are worse neighbors we could have.