Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fair Season

In Cache Valley, August is fair season.

There is something magical about the fair coming to town, especially in smaller, rural communities.

Our fair is pretty small but the rickety rides, the crazy food, the booths with cheap souvenirs well, it's simply charming.

Before moving to Smithfield, I never paid much attention to county fairs.  But, since moving here three years ago, I've gone every year and entered something for judging in two of them.

This year, I entered three quilts.

The first year I entered, I only got red ribbons (the second place tier) so I was pretty happy with three blue ribbons.  I heard through the grapevine that the judges really loved the last one.  Apparently, several pictures were taken.  Very flattering, indeed.

This is the quilt that didn't quite make it into to fair.  I tried a new free motion pattern that I ended up hating.  Of course, I kept thinking I would like it once I had finished, but no.  I hate, hate, hated it.  

So, I spent two weeks picking out the stitching while cursing under my breath.  In the end, I couldn't get it done in time.  I gave it to Minda instead.  

The funnest thing about this years fair was this big fella.  He was there to bring awareness to elephants as endangered species and his owner was selling rides as a way to raise money for the cause.

So of course, Minda and I had to take a turn. 

Loved having his picture taken.  If he knew he was being photographed he would stop in his tracks, curl up his trunk and give a big smile for the camera.

Now, before anyone goes all "animal-rights" on me.  This guy was clean, well cared for, obviously well loved, and certainly safer than he would be out in the wild were he would most likely be hunted and killed.

Currently, Matt and I are on a much needed road trip and are now making our way back home.  Stay tuned for all the fun details.