Monday, August 28, 2017

Summer 2017


Hawaii, Oahu to be specific.  I'll never get used to the turquoise/sapphire color of the water.  

We played tourist more than we ever have before, spending time at Pearl Harbor...

and the PCC.

It was hot, humid and rainy while we were at the PCC but we still managed to enjoy a little local culture.
We got home just in time for Mason's 6th birthday party.

The theme was Nerf War.  I think the big kids had more fun than the little kids.  
The next day, we left to celebrate our anniversary in Germany. It was a whirlwind trip but here are the highlights.

 Traveling first class.  Yay airline miles!

 Castles, castles, castles!

THE FOOD!  No calorie counting for me on this trip.

Old churches!  

Out of respect, I tried not to take to many pictures because these are still functioning churches and local parishioners still worship in them, but I did snap a few when I could.  

Candles like these burned in every church we went to.  Something about the loving prayers they represent touched my heart every time.

The autobahn!  Granted, the 180 you see here is KPH but it was still pretty darn fast!

Have I ever told you how much I like tunnels and trains?!  There were tons of them along our way.  

These signs were the running joke of the entire trip.  We giggled like six year olds every time we saw one.  I mean, really now, how would you pronounce it??

I even found a darling, little quilt shop in Frankfurt where I bought the backing for a baby quilt I just finished for Kade and Minda.  More on that later.  

So here are all the things the U.S. simply does not have enough of...

Cobblestone streets...

Flower markets in town squares...

Lock bridges...

with accordion players...

Flower boxes sitting on the outside of shop windows...

Street actors pretending to be statues...

Random fountains...

 and gelato on every corner.  Truly, Less Starbucks, more gelato!

It was a great trip.  We only saw a fraction of the country but we loved what we saw.  I hope we can go back some day.  


We stuck pretty close to home in July.  Just some local fun with the kids like kayaking at Mantua lake...

and our annual family 4th of July sparkler dance-off.

Oh yeah, gardening!  Lots and lots of gardening.  


Still keeping it pretty close to home.  Just a few local 4 wheeling trips and some eclipse watching. 

Oh yeah, and the demolition derby.  Good times were had by all.
Some of our friends from Cali have accused us of going redneck.  I say when in Rome, baby.  No seriously, we kind of love it!  There were several rounds the best of which was the "powderpuff" round.  

Trust me, these girls were no powderpuff.  They were some serious drivers.  Our personal fav was #9.  She totally killed it.  (That arm you see is Kade's as he cheered his brains out for her.)  

August is also when we take our yearly tubing trip down the Oneida Narrows.  

No kidding, this is one of the most fun things we do all year.  Although with a new baby in the family, this may be our last time for a year or so.

See that cute little bump she's sporting??

Any day now, people!

Of course the quilting goes on.  

Here's the quilt I told you about earlier.  I made one of these a few months ago in baby girl colors but I actually like this colorway much better.  

Backing this quilt with the fabric from Germany makes it an extra special momento for the newest addition to our family.  

And just because I had this cute monster fabric in my stash, I made him this little gem as well.  

And of course, since it matches so perfectly, I just had to buy this Onesie I found at Walmart.  

Here it is just waiting for him in the new crib.  

This is a quilt I threw together to go in the room K & M vacated when they moved out.  I'm turning it into another guest bedroom.  

I love these whimsical little figures on the backing fabric.  

So it's been a very fun, eventful summer.  I should have blogged all along but somehow, I was just too busy living life to take time to record it.  

Our next big event will be when baby Burnham comes.  Speaking of which, I just got a call that someone could be going into labor.  

Stay tuned!