Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mid Summer

I'm doing well this year!  For the last few years I've let the entire summer slip by without documenting a single thing but here it is only the middle of July and I'm writing a post.  In my book, that's progress.

Truthfully, I think one of the reasons I don't blog as often as I think I should is that I lead such normal, work-a-day life.  I don't have a cause I champion, a political view I want to share, a business I'm trying to build or a brand I'm trying to grow.  The only real reason I blog is to (some what) document my life, such as it is.

If only for family history purposes.

The professional genealogists all agree that the things we think are boring and not worth writing about will be gold to our descendants.  I guess my descendants will have to be the judge of that.  Until then, I just keep documenting.

So here's the happenings so far this summer.

So, we got a new mattress and it has been LIFE CHANGING.  There are no words to adequately express my love for this piece of furniture.  This is me hugging it.  You can't see in the photo but I'm pretty sure there are actual tears of joy spilling from my eyes.
Our previous bed was an old pillow top that had become compressed under where Matt and I each slept.  So it was like I was sleeping in a pit.  I'm pretty sure it has been a significant contributor to my hip and back pain.
This mattress is memory foam and gel filled AND the base moves into all sorts of wonderful positions.  I wake up in the morning to much less pain and stiffness.
Admittedly, it did cost close to the national debt.  I am still recovering from the sticker shock but it has been worth every penny. LIFE. CHANGING!

Of course, the cost for the bed wouldn't have been so bad if the other life changing thing hadn't happened a mere week later. Wait for it... one of our water heaters bit the dust.

One morning, after an oh so blissful nights sleep on our new Beauty Rest, Matt went downstairs to check on something and noticed water was leaking everywhere.  Ba dum pa!

Curse you Murphy's Law, she says while shaking her fist!

I say one, because we actually had two large water heaters. (I guess the previous owner had a big fear of running out of hot water or something.)

What you see above is the tankless water heater we replaced them both with.

Yes, after a long consultation with the plumber, during which we realized the second water heater was just as old as the other and was most likely to die at any moment as well, we decided this was the best option.

Because you see, when the whole family is here (kids, grandkids, etc.) we have actually come close to running out of hot water, two water heaters or not.

And, this baby gives us an endless supply.  You heard me right.  We will never, ever run out of hot water.  It also uses much less energy and will pay for itself in cheaper gas bills in about two years.

It was not cheap, though.  We were out another huge chunk of moola. A breath-into-a-paper-bag-so-you-don't-faint size chunk of moola but what can ya do?  C'est la vie, such is life.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the water heater incident (as it is now infamously known) happened right after we bought the supplies for our last big DIY project.  Turning this ugly, muddy little courtyard into...

this lovely, little space. I love it the way it is and when that moss between the pavers grows in, it's going to be even better.

So we're cash poor for a while.  As I said, C'est la vie.  

This has necessitated a "staycation" kind of summer.  Summer is Matt's season of heavy travel for work, but I haven't been going with him.  Here are the flowers he sent from Virginia because we had to spend our anniversary apart.  Last year for our anniversary we were in Germany together.  But again, c'est la vie.

Don't weep for me though.  When he got home we had a belated anniversary date to this fun play.  It was awesome, amazing, fantastic (insert superlative here).  I can't say enough about the high quality of cultural arts we have here in Cache Valley.  Thank you Michael Ballam.
I've loved this play since I was in my high school Drama Club and played Lucy in it my senior year.  Seeing it again brought back fun memories.

For me summer has been gardening days...

And jam making days (pineapple jam, dee-licious)...

And grandma days.  Actually, Matt was here for this so it was a grandma AND grandpa day.  Double the pleasure, double the fun!

We had the whole family up for the fourth.

 Even mom hung around for the fun.

The kids did a "fun run" in the morning.  Fun and run, two words that in my world don't belong in the same sentence...ever.

I am absolutely forbidden to show the movie we made of the annual Burnham Family Sparkler Dance Party, but trust me when I say it was epic.  Damen's combination ballet/interpretive dance to the music from The Showman swept every category!  Mason and I had a one on one dance off and of course he won.  I'll get you next year, Mason!!

Of course, the quilting goes on.  I wanted to get this done before the fourth but it didn't happen. 

 It's just huge!!
And I'm doing a bit of ruler work which makes it a much more time consuming enterprise.

This is the design I'm quilting in each block. (Sorry about the glare.)

I'm trying my hand at paper piecing and loving the results.  

 These little letters to Santa have set my heart all a-twitter.

I wouldn't recommend the pattern though.  Her instructions are a nightmare.  I've pretty much had to figure the whole process out on my own.

Here are some of the other fabrics that will eventually go into this quilt.

Somehow, I seem to be on a seasonal/holiday kick lately.  I made this wonky pumpkin block yesterday.  It's going into a cool, modern halloween quilt.  

 This is the only quilt I've actually finished in a while.  It's going to a friend who just adopted a baby boy.

The quilting is supposed to look kind of like waves but I'm not sure I pulled it off.

 The backing is a nice blue fabric with adorable, little schools of fish on it.

I think the stripey binding gives it just the right "little-boy" touch.  

So, for what it's worth, that is my summer so far.  It's going by pretty darn fast.

I hope the genealogists are right and that somewhere down the ancestral line one of my descendants will find my little slice of life interesting.  

If not, c'est la vie!